MonkeyBall is a turn-based metaverse soccer game based on the Solana blockchain, allowing players to create a team of virtual monkeys.

MonkeyBall will launch its IDO on Starlaunch this coming December 5.

Simply hopping on the non-fungible token (NFT) and gaming bandwagon isn’t enough to turn a game into a success, as hundreds of blockchain game creators compete for all gamers’ thumbs. The best way to rise from the competition is to innovate, and this is exactly what a new blockchain game did by turning a world-favorite sport into an immersive digital game. And above all, providing players with not just one but multiple and profitable options to earn while playing. 


MonkeyBall consists of a team with diverse experiences in game design, enterprise blockchain, user experience and interface, AI marketing, art direction, iOS and Android app development, B2B and B2C, marketing design, data visualization, and free-to-play games. 

With such diversified expertise and a common goal to create an impact on the blockchain gaming industry, its team aims to bring a fresh and more rewarding experience for NFT gamers.  

What is MonkeyBall?

MonkeyBall is a turn-based metaverse soccer game based on the Solana blockchain, which allows players to create a team of virtual monkeys, each with their own unique characteristics. 


This 4v4 play-to-earn game requires players to build a team consisting of four monkeys for a Striker, Defender, Midfielder, and Goalkeeper positions. While players can choose any type of Monkeys for each position, what would increase their chances of winning is by thoroughly studying a Monkey’s abilities to determine the most appropriate role it should have in the game. 

Each match consists of 12 rounds, and every round finishes after every team has completed their turns. For the Monkey’s movements, a soccer team has 5 options to beat their opponent: moving, shooting the ball, passing, dribbling, and what the game calls “Special Moves.” 

The rarity of a Monkey sets its specific abilities. In other words, they are already established, but players may also improve their character’s other abilities through training and development throughout the game. But increased abilities don’t mean that players can easily win, as every time they finish their turn, their opponents would surely do everything to beat them with all the skills and assets they have. 

A strikers’ dribble score or accuracy score are some of the areas where both opposing teams could try to outdo each other. And the team with a better combination of Monkeys, inherent abilities, improved stats, and skills to leverage all these capabilities would likely win each round. 

Game Modes

Another great thing about this game is it offers multiple ways of earning. Aside from winning matches, players can also generate income by staking and creating Stadiums and being a Spectator, which will be detailed later. 

With these options, MonkeyBall can be a generous venture for gamers as multiple income streams can be tapped right inside the game, allowing them to earn through active and passive ways. 

MonkeyBall can be played in 3 game modes, which are “Player vs. Environment,” “Player vs. Player,” and “Team vs. Team.” 

And since the game is being developed on Unity, a cross-platform game engine, it is expected that MonkeyBall would eventually land, or rather swing, on both mobile and desktop soon. 

Another fascinating fact about MonkeyBall is that its creative art design was created by the same studios who have done the art of Call of Duty and Fall Guys, giving players an eye-candy experience throughout the game. 

Two MonkeyBall Tokens

MonkeyBucks (MBS) 

MonkeyBucks, also called MBS, which has a total supply of 1 billion, is the MonkeyBall’s in-game currency, and this token can be acquired in six ways. 

Players can purchase them on the game’s supported decentralized exchanges or earn them through winning matches, completing missions, opening loot boxes, hosting games in Stadiums, or being a Spectator. 

Gamers can use MBS to purchase consumable items at MonkeyBall’s store or to breed new Monkeys. And these transactions are critical for the platform as all the revenues derived from these activities are poured back to the game’s treasury, ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the ecosystem. 


SCORE is MonkeyBall’s governance token, and it serves as the key to its decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. 

There will be a gradual implementation of both voting and governance practices in the platform, including the economic decisions that would directly affect MonkeyBall’s treasury. 

SCORE can be used to stake in the game’s treasury to vote and acquire SCORE rewards as an incentive for participation. 

Another benefit of staking SCORE is that it can upgrade players’ assets, making it an attractive option for users who want to improve their standing in the game further. 

Top Assets In MonkeyBall 

NFT Monkeys 

NFT Monkeys are the centerpiece of the MonkeyBall game, and their major purpose is to be an income generator that can help players earn MBS tokens. 

Each Monkey has a unique combination of appearance, special elements, and trainable abilities. And these aspects, formally called “DNA” in the game, play a huge role in a player’s chances of winning every round. 

Players who hold an original Monkey would have direct access to perks such as early breeding season, advancing on pre-game training camp, and airdrop of game tokens. The game’s NFT drop is planned to be launched in December 2021. 


The Stadium is the game’s version of “land,” which is one of the most valuable assets in any blockchain-based game. 

The main utility of a Stadium is to serve as a venue for tournaments, games, and special events, and owners can earn from it by collecting fees from MonkeyBall as payment for facilitating these activities. 

A Stadium remains beneficial even if it doesn’t host events for a moment as owners can use it to train their Monkeys and sharpen their skills. 

A Stadium can be upgraded by either facilitating unique competitions and special events to increase its users or adding special facilities on it. 


A gamer must watch and root for a Monkey team with the highest chance of winning a match to be a Spectator. 

Aside from earning, being a spectator also provides players with non-monetary benefits, which include analyzing a team’s strategies and providing a team with a morale boost through supporting. 

Spectators can also increase their sophistication in selecting a team by having boosters and game items, and by increasing their chances of narrowing down on the best possible winner, spectators can seamlessly earn higher MBS. 


October 2021 MonkeyBucks (MBS) Private Sale 
Late Q4 2021 (December) Monkey NFT Drop 
Early Q1 2022 In-Game Store Launch 
Late Q1 2022Player vs Environment 
Mid Q2 2022Stadium NFT Drop 
End Q2 2022 Player v Player (PvP) Game Launch 

MonkeyBall Raised $3M In Funding

Last October 2021, MonkeyBall raised $3 million in a seed funding round, beefing up its capacity to expand its team and roll out its roadmap. 

The recent funding round was supported by some of the most notable investors in the financial industry, including Solana Capital, NFX, Jump Capital, 6th Man Ventures, and CMS Holdings. 

MonkeyBall was also supported by angel investors, including Yoni Assia, co-founder of e-Toro, and Shalom Meckenzie, one of the biggest shareholders of DraftKings. Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of COTI, a crypto payments startup, also participated in the event and will also serve as the chairman of MonkeyBall. 


Aiming to hit a goal in the competitive NFT gaming arena, the MonkeyBall team has equipped this game with irresistible offerings that very few players, if any, can resist. 

With immersive gameplay combined with various options to earn, this game has the high potential to spark a strong following and carve a secure space in the competition.