A poster for the event in Tokyo (Source Jinse)

Tokyo is set to hold a blockchain exchange meeting on July 10th between China and Japan, hosted by blockchain server Chain UP and Japanese exchange, Coinbus. 

The theme centers around “blockchain eco-cooperation”, with discussions with partners on the evolution and future trends of blockchain technology, industry innovation, and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as greater cross-border cooperation. 

Alongside Chain UP and Coinbus, other leading figures from both countries will be in attendance. Node capital, the investment company and blockchain wallet solution HiCoin will also be major figures at the event. They will co-host media company Jinse, Kushen, CoinPhD, BiKi, Japan Digital Finance, TEAMZ, BBC strategic support.

The Tokyo based event will attract an expected 150 Sino-Japanese blockchain elites in to discuss the potential partnerships and the usages for blockchain. The cooperation will be pushing the future of blockchain, an area both nations have a strong holding and passion for. 

The speakers at the one-day event include the chairman of the Japan-China Blockchain Alliance, the international political economist Mr. Yu Tianhe, the founder of the Node Capital Du Jun, the founder, and CEO of ChainUP, Zhong Gengfa, the CEO of Coinbus Ltd. Zhang Yu, founder, and CEO of CoinPhD Yang Xinqi, founder of Japan Digital Finance, Li Chen, and other founders of well-known blockchain companies in China and Japan.

China has been a leading figure in the usage of blockchain, with various government departments in certain areas using the technology. Japan, is more intrigued by the cryptocurrency but has many projects that use the technology behind it. 

The partners for the event are both key figures in the industry. Chain UP is a leading blockchain provider for millions of customers in Asia and around the world. Offering a variety of platforms for their users, the Chinese company has set itself out to be world leaders in the area. They have done work for 180 digital asset exchanges worldwide, more than 20 blockchain media and 50 digital wallets. Their partners for the event are Coinbus, an exchange from Japan which has numerous cryptos on their platform.