Starly, a launchpad and marketplace for gaming non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has recently closed its pre-IDO funding round with a total of $6.125 million in funds raised. This funding round was led by the Spartan Group; participated by prominent blockchain firms and venture capital funds.

Some of the popular companies and incubators that joined the funding round are Animoca Brands, Axia8, Dapper Labs, Double Peak, KuCoin Labs, LD Capital,, SkyVision Capital, and Youbi Capital. The managing partner of BitFury Group, Marat Kichikov, also participated in an advisory capacity.

Starly is a platform that will be built to support the public sale of game tokens, catering to the growing NFT collectible market today. It will also feature its own marketplace where people can frictionlessly buy, sell, and trade gaming NFTs with one another.

Co-founder, partner, and CIO of Spartan Capital, Kelvin Koh believes that this funding round is part of the growing NFT trend today. Koh says:

“We view Starly, with its unique mechanism for creators to create NFT collections, as part of the broader trend of NFT creation and collection becoming more accessible to mainstream audiences.”

Indeed, Starly has gained a huge amount of support ever since. Back in September, Starly also gathered more than $750,000 in sales and went on to become a strategic partner in the Flow Fest brand.

Marat Kichiknov also has this to say:

“The NFT market is one of the fastest-growing out there. It will revolutionize a lot of things we use today. The Starly team has a clear vision on how to utilise the technology and build an innovative experience, emphasising the collection phenomenon. Starly connects creators and collectors, helping non-crypto users benefit from the technology. I’m pleased to support the team with my investment and join as advisor.”

Starly is also working with Flow Fest to help develop their own internal marketplace which will support NFT exchange. Dapper Labs, founder of Flow blockchain, also provided them with a grant to support their goal.

The IDO for the STARLY token is scheduled to take place at DAO Maker on December 20. It will be listed on a tier 1 exchange by December 21.

About Starly

Starly is a launchpad and marketplace for gaming NFT collectibles. The focus of the project is to make it easier for users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs whenever they wish to. It was created by a team composed of people who also co-founded social networks F3, which has over 30 million users, and, now enjoying over 150 million users.

About Spartan Group

Spartan Group is a blockchain investment and advisory firm composed of experts and industry professionals in the banking, hedge fund, and venture capital industry. They provide advisory services and investments on blockchain projects and companies.