Work X, a decentralized platform for matching job seekers and freelancers to employers, has been chosen to participate in the third and final phase of the European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (eSSIF) lab, to be given a grant of €106,000.

The job-matching platform has been working hard for the past five months in developing a service that can help employees take control of their sensitive career data. And with the fresh grant from the eSSIF, which is funded by the European Commission, WorkX can finally bring its minimum viable product (MVP) into production, which is an early version of its SSI technology. 

EBP, EBSI, EC, and the European Union 

The European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and the European Commission (EC) have forged a partnership to bring blockchain public services across the European Union (EU) member states. 

European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) was the result of EBP and EC’s partnership, and eSSIF, one of WorkX’s major supporters, is part of the Infrastructure. Since 2020, the EBSI has been consistently establishing a network of distributed nodes in 29 EU member states that are currently participating in the EBP. 

WorkX has already introduced its MVP in the Netherlands; after that, it will actively go all out and collaborate with EU member states to help every citizen use blockchain tech to protect their career data. 

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Technology 

According to the World Economic Forum, various types of jobs are going through rapid evolution (and extinction), which is causing a big shift in the employment landscape. 

With both opportunities and risks rising at the same time, the organization recommends that 1 billion people should be reskilled before 2030. 

Assessment development and solutions are crucial for reskilling, but the problem is, these solutions can bring out rich data that may cause privacy issues 

SSI Use Cases 

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology, which is being developed by WorkX, can help employees gain full control of their sensitive career data, such as diplomas, training certificates, and other types of assessments. 

Work X has also recognized that aside from data privacy, SSI can also deliver benefits such as data-driven outplacement, federated learning, and unbiased hiring. 

Through the grant it has received, the company was able to execute extensive research on SSI and identified its 100% viability in data privacy and other critical employment-related areas. 

Work X’s initial version of its SSI has also shown a high potential in solving issues such as scattered data in an organization and the cost of integrating assessment and education solutions. 

Improving SSI Further 

Thanks to the eSSIF grant, WorkX now has more elbow room to improve its technology further, and as a next step, it will launch an ‘Enterprise Client’ version of its SSI. 

Through this new version, SSI can now gather rich user feedback, streamline its application and be viable enough to be integrated with the Work X platform. 

The platform plans to continuously partner with various assessment and education providers to create a big (but highly secured) ecosystem that can seamlessly connect job seekers and organizations.