Cannabis has jumped into the non-fungible token (NFT) space with the introduction of Best Buds NFT, the first-of-its-kind art collectible NFT that features cannabis-inspired NFTs in the Metaverse. And it’s not just an art collectible, the Best Buds NFT will serve as your premium or front-row membership pass to an exclusive and pioneering virtual cannabis club in the NFT arena.

Best Buds NFT airdrops will be announced soon which will feature several exciting brand collaborations. More so, Best Buds NFT is also having exciting developments focused on burgeoning utility uses exclusively for holders which include access to pop-up events in the future, unique staking exclusive access to merchandise, and access to pending strains.

What is Best Buds NFT?

Best Buds is deemed to be a unique NFT collectible that will give holders access to the elusive premium membership to the first-ever virtual cannabis club built on the metaverse. It is built on the Solana blockchain.

Best Bud NFT sample

Each Best Buds membership NFT can seed a unique Best Buds collectible beefed up with amplified and aesthetic attributes that are all exclusively curated for the Best Buds brand. Further, the goal for the Bed Buds collection is to create a visually appealing yet very bespoke-looking IP that is upgradeable in the future.

With the Best Buds collections, collectors can mix and match the different combinations of character visual attributes including character, facial features, face color, facial features, clothing, gear, and costumes.

Pending hybrids and strains will include new and more advanced and wild styles and characters Upcoming strains and hybrids will introduce fun new characters and styles. In fact, with the Mary Janes version, users have the creative freedom to grow and culture new strains that can generate wild and fun Best Buds combinations.

$UP Coin

The $UP coin is Best Buds NFT’s official utility token which is built with the user in mind. Holders will have special privileges as hoisted by the use of the $UP coin which can be used for redeeming several Best Bud-linked virtual and real-world assets such as cannabis products, Best Buds official merch, and NFT upgrades. Currently, 1 $UP = 1 $UP.

How Staking Looks Like for Best Buds

Staking at Best Buds will be very time-detailed as it will follow a particular strategy in terms of time frame. Collectors are provided time frames that will enable staking and locking in of Mary Janes and best Buds when cultivating the $UP coin.

Accordingly, staking contracts will be authorized to open if there is a beneficial purpose for such to ensue. As of press time, members can now start staking Best Buds as a preparation for the upgrade to Best Dabs. At this point, staking contracts are being built for Mary Janes.

It won’t be long, and Mary Janes will soon be open for staking wherein members can earn $UP and easily convert them to Baby Buds.

Phase 3: Upgrades

With phase 3 of Best Buds, members can upgrade both Best Buds and Mary Janes into two individual upgrades. More so, holders who get to stake and burn 2 of the best buds are eligible to use the new $UP coin which can be used in minting the BEST DAB using the virtual Rosin Press.

Best Bud creation of Baby Bud

Now, members, who will stake and burn 2 Mary Janes will be eligible to mint a BABY BUD using the new $UP coin. These Baby Buds have a significant role to play in positioning the next generation in the line of Best Buds and Mary Janes. More so, this will also give holders the privilege of a new ability that can unlock customizable Best Buds and Mary Jane NFTs, enabling holders to create and design their very own characters.

Customizing Baby Buds

You can now grow and design your Baby Buds and watch them blossom into new and easily customizable Best Buds and Mary Janes. The best part is that members will be given the privilege to build their very own versions of Best Buds and Mary Janes. It’s an exciting phase because collectors will be given the freedom to execute their vision in creating their cannabis-inspired NFTs.

Phase 2 for Mary Janes

Mary Janes, the female versions of Best Buds, will further escalate the excitement for Best Buds NFT collectors. Mary Janes is set to activate a whole new range of utilities in the future that can add up value to the community. With that being said, collectors will want to keep their Best Buds and expand their collection with Mary Janes.

With an expanded market base and a new IP, the Mary Janes upgrade has provided the community with modern breeding functionalities enabling collectors to grow their cannabis-inspired NFT collection further.

Aesthetically, Mary Janes is a stunner. More so, it also bolsters creativity for collectors, expanding the domain of Best Buds. This brand-new art allows collectors to try out exciting character trait combinations creating entirely unique and customized Mary Janes, adding more flair to the Best Buds world.

Mary Janes is dubbed to be the next pivotal step to unite and celebrate the Cannabis culture worldwide which is a reasonably large market base. And the introduction of Mary Janes has stirred excitement within the Best Buds community confirming that this seals the deal.

Multiple Features and Utilities

Best Buds have multiple utilities and features that are included in the VIP or premium membership passes for new collections. Best Buds is banking on the long game and building on the future. It’s exciting to note that in time, Best Buds will have the ability to grant collectors access to exciting merch drops, future strains, and pop-up exclusive events.

Ultimately, the goal is for Best Buds to compensate and award collectors, plus they are also looking to go all-in and expand the utility value of this NFT by meshing co-brand deals, and IP, and building exclusive cannabis clubs in the entire metaverse. More so, exclusive VIP games and events will also be open only for VIP or premium membership pass holders.

Best Buds is building for longevity and durability which will take more time than usual but it leaves ample wiggle room for growth to take place. They are also open to the creative ideas of the Cannabis communities and want to encourage a collaborative and collective arena for growth and expansion.

Looks Rare Studio

From the Looks Rare Studio, makes of Best Buds NFT, the vision is to create a disruptive and revolutionary product in the metaverse with diverse and multi-functional real-world and NFT assets that can strike a good balance, especially with the erratic crypto market.

The company is a collaborative effort among writers, artists, developers, executives, directors, and musicians who are all eager to build and develop exciting and socially enriching projects in a brand-new way. Advisors of Best Buds NFT are also titans in Fortune 500 companies.

Aside from the utility value of Best Buds NFT, developers have anchored the NFT collections with a classy and timeless perspective, so collectors can build a unique and agile IP. Overall, the projects aim to provide versatility and long-term value in terms of art, community, and utility. Change is a superpower, and Best Buds NFT was able to combine that with robustness and agility for current and future holders.