The CEO of Huobi China, Hubery Yuan Yuming, has reached out to the Chinese government saying that if the industry and government join forces the partnership can have a positive impact for all in the 21st century.

In a speech to 60 academics, party officials and industry representatives at Hainan University, the China CEO spoke on the importance of positive cohesion between the blockchain industry, governments, and regulators:

“The public sector, project teams, and blockchain companies like ours all have important roles to play in advancing the spread of blockchain technology into people’s lives,” he said.

Yunming went on to praise the already considerable effort by the People’s Republic to accept blockchain technology, highlighting the efforts of the local Hainan government:

“The Hainan government is providing a strong environment for the development of blockchain and the application of technologies.”

According to Yahoo Finance, other notable attendees at the event were Yang Dawei, Deputy Director of the Office of Hainan Provincial Cyberspace Affairs; and Sun Yi, Director of the Blockchain Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Computing Technology. Liu Erwu, Preparatory Group Chair of IEEE Blockchain China and Chairman of the IEEE Shanghai Blockchain Group, Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, and Professor of Tongji University, was also in attendance.

The Chinese government it seems has taken a liking to blockchain technology and a range of government projects and other companies in China have begun using it. There have been reports of a blockchain village as well as certain industries experimenting with the technology, like the subway and the port in Shenzhen.

Let’s hope, much like Yuming and Huobi China, that this passion and enthusiasm continue for all concerned and the future is bright with blockchain.