It has been another interesting week in the Asian crypto news, with the big players, Binance and Tron making headlines. More China crypto news from Shenzhen and blockchain integrates further into Asian society.

Here is our pick of the top five stories

1. Binance denies police raid

World-leading exchange Binance has been forced to deny rumors that their Shanghai offices were raided by Chinese police. In a statement to CoinTelegraph, the company said they didn’t even have Shanghai offices and reports were false. Binance had previously banned from Weibo for voicing support for Hong Kong protestors.

The rebuttal of the Chinese news reports stating that they had been raided questioned the legitimacy of the sources and said there was an anti-Binance campaign from media. Despite this, the company did have some positive news after they acquired leading Indian exchange, WazirX, opening Binance up to India. 

2. Tezos Teams up with Singapore Gov’t blockchain Project

Tezos is making some moves towards South East Asia.

Tezos, through its nonprofit entity, Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA), has launched a partnership with Singapore government-backed blockchain company, Tribe for a developer program. The system built for developers will enable them to train and work out ingenious ways to enhance blockchain’s real-world usability. 

Developers will start work on applications for Trezor’s blockchain in the first quarter of 2020, according to the blog post from the company. This is just the latest in a string of blockchain news recently. China is upping its efforts with the technology as is Malaysia too. 

3. China: Shenzhen finds 39 companies defying Chinese crypto ban

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Authorities in Shenzhen, China have reportedly found 39 crypto companies defying the ban on virtual currencies, a report from Sanyan Finance has said. Many had expected the ban to be lifted or at least relaxed following Xi Jingping’s bullish comments about the technology behind digital currencies, blockchain. 

However, with the help of the People’s Bank of China, the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Communications Administration, the police and others have been shutting down exchanges that are breaking rules and halting their liquidity.

4. Justin Sun teases an announcement

Tron Tether Controversy
Justin Sun is back

Justin Sun is back and bringing Tron to new heights it would seem. The man who was forced to apologize and cancel his multi-million-pound charity lunch with Warren Buffet has made a sensational return. 

Most notable is the partnership with Samsung. Tron will be a part of Tron’s Blockchain Keystore, meaning Tron tokens and Tron DApps are easily accessible from a smartphone. Now, Sun has taken to Twitter to tease even more big news, saying Tron’s ecosystem has a new acquisition.

5. Cardano’s Shelley Balance Check goes well

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There has been some good news for Cardano this week. The company that is waiting to finally launch its Shelley Test Net has had some good news about the program. The initial balance testing for the incentivized testnet has gone well, with founder Charles Hoskinson announcing it in a Youtube QandA.