Sora Summit is a business related venture held by capitalists, idealists, and knowledgeable professionals. They have advanced technology to aid Asia’s social network and economic growth. Among the brilliant minds attending is Jeffrey Huang, founder and co-founder of M17 and Mithril respectively. He will be one of the main speakers at the event. Sora ventures is responsible for organizing the event. It aims to educate and develop opportunities for collaborative leadership and communities’ articulating on Asia’s interaction and growth. The two-day conference takes place on the 13th and 14th of November 2018 in Macau.

What is Sora Summit?

These entrepreneurs have opened up technological markets since they realized tech is a new area of exploitation. The sector never grows old and, therefore, during convention different professional speakers will give the audience information such as post management services, roles from marketing and advisory firms, strategies for community development and the technological trend among others.

These strategists will also make the regulatory adaptations much more understandable to ensure efficiency. Blockchain enterprise solutions & partnerships are also part of interaction and growth. Every time a new development emerges, it overlays the basics of the existing modes. The summit will also show how much progress the region has achieved regarding eco growth and ecosystems in all the countries.

The Key Speaker

Jeffrey Huang, as one of the key speakers, has revolutionized social media both in the traditional markets and also the crypto space. He is a serial entrepreneur who has ventured into the entertainment industry. His project, Mithril, is a decentralized social media platform that rewards social creators for simply posting photos or videos. The users earn MITH Tokens for their creations. The phrase used by subscribers is ‘social mining’ and they use the Lit App which enables instant messaging, story feeds, and discovery of new friends.


M17 Entertainment is a Taiwan based company that has developed a live streaming platform known as 17 media. The platform also provides live music streaming and has a built-in dating app. Other than venturing into music, Huang has experience in acting, directing and producing TV series, movies, and music videos. Mithril founder is recognized by receiving several awards in China as well as tutoring at Shih Chien University Taipei on digital music design. His successful story makes him prolific in the Sora Summit.


The guests will come from all over Asia to talk about their trading experience regarding business, technology development, marketing, social networking, industrial trends, and community development. Standard tickets will go for $99 while students or professors will get into the summit for $66.

Unfortunately, all the early birds’ tickets have sold out.

The venue of the summit will be held at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre from 9:00 am.

Come together and share knowledge and learn from professional expertise and meet each other. The Asia Crypto Today team is going to be there for your opinions and views!