Grin, the community driven and privacy based token on the Mimblewimble project has gone live on the Poloniex exchange with withdrawals included. The coin, launched in January 2019 and is often cited as the Bitcoin 2.0, sees itself listed for the first time.

Poloniex has clearly been impressed by the coin, which has garnered lots of attention since its launch and currently sits 217th on Coinmarketcap. The exchange tweeted the news saying:

“Grin withdrawals are now live and we’ve made our first monthly donation—1.27864 BTC—to the @grinMW General Fund. #grin #mimblewimble”

Grin’s community driven approach to business is a component that has given lots of plaudits and support from those in the community and it would appear that Poloniex owners are one of those, in their blog they said:

“When we listed Grin, we pledged to provide a portion of our transaction fees to the Grin General Fund for a year — 50% for the first month and 25% for the next 11 months.

We are committed to providing monthly donations because we believe in supporting crypto projects which encourage distributed voluntary development and fair, decentralized methods of token distribution.”

Poloniex it would appear is firmly committed to new coins and their development:

“Grin is just one asset that represents our dedication to moving the crypto space forward. You can expect more from us in the weeks and months ahead …”

The Grin token is clearly making strides. Grin’s incognito founder, Ignotus Peverell was recently named in a paid role, so will now work for the company with a wage joining two others in the community as the core development team. Since the Poloniex announcement, there has been a little jump in the market for the Grin token which has a market cap of $14,040,479 USD.