NEO’s developers had an active September, according to their monthly report and the feedback is looking positive. Here are the most important events realized in September by NGD (NEO Global Development).

CNEO and CGAS tokens creations

The community was widely asking for the new solution of smart contracts realization. The expanding numbers of dApps required some actions from NEOs.

They basically improved their NEO and GAS assets to NEP-5 smart-contacts equivalent, creating the new access to full smart contracts functionality and use NEO and GAS tokens within applications.
Don’t worry, guys, your NEO and GAS tokens can be equally 1:1 exchanged to CNEO and CGAS or just fully refunded, according to their report.

More info on CNEO and CGAS: 15 things you should know about CNEO and CGAS

NEO Security Boost Program

The NEO Vulnerability Bounty Program (NEO VBP) was also announced the last month. As a security expert, you can help the community to boost the security vulnerabilities of the NEO network and get well paid. The reward will be determined by the value of the problem you can possibly find.

Vulnerabilities can be submitted by email to

NEO also launched their Creative Design Competition in September, which is a contest turning to the community to brainstorm website and icon designs reflecting the concept of “Smart Economy.” The competition runs until October 14, and total prize money amounts to US$30,000.
Interested applicants can find more details here.

NEO-CLI 2.9.0 Core Update

NEO-CLI 2.9.0 was released, a core update of NEO that functions using the Akka framework, which offers solutions to the issues inherent in a concurrent distributed system. This new version of NEO-CLI also offers new capabilities in the form of plugins that will allow for improved security and stability of NEO nodes.

It will also include simplified and automated processes which were previously manual, such as choosing models, opening the wallet, or getting application logs. Overall, this will make it easier and more convenient to deploy nodes.