NASDAQ has visited their first and only Blockchain project in China this week, with Ultrain the lucky project for the inspection and conversation. 

Last week the representatives from NASDAQ Asia Pacific visited the company’s offices. In attendance were Nasdaq Asia Pacific Chairman/Capital Market and Senior Vice President of New Listings Bob McCooey; Nasdaq China Chief Representative Hao Yusheng and Nasdaq China Representative Wang Danwei alongside his team.

Who is Ultrain?

Ultrain is a public blockchain for commercial usage. It was set up by former Alibaba Security Group Technical Director Ray Guo, Managing Director, Golden Brick Capital/Senior Investment Banker Emma Liao Zhiyu, and Ant Financial Group Blockchain Technology Leader William Li.

Alongside the co-founders, they also have marquee names involved. Samuel Xiao, a former Senior Manager at IBM Global Consulting, Yufeng Shen and Husen Wang, who both worked for Alibaba and Ant financial. 

The company opened its mainnet in April of this year and has quickly become an industry leader in the field. Since its creation, Ultrain has been widely used in travel, luxury goods, supply chain, sharing economy, medical, retail and media entertainment. 

According to their website, “Ultrain is a leader in trust computing” and has built an “easy and affordable products using distributed, efficient and secure technology innovation (to) support enterprises and developers and aim(s) to become worlds’ no. 1 commercialize public blockchain.”

NASDAQ is listed as partners with Ultrain on their website. McCooney at the meeting stressed the importance Nasdaq places on blockchain technology. In terms of Ultrain, he said they highly value Ultrain’s leading position and progress in the world, and praised the high internationalization of the company.

Nasdaq stressed their commitment to blockchain projects in China and Asia as a whole. According to Jinse, Nasdaq said they will continue to strongly support the development of high-quality cutting-edge technology companies such as Ultrain in China, and give as much help as possible on its development path.