Huobi, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, denied information about its participation in voting manipulations in the EOS network and collusion with other block producers.

This was reported by Twitter-account cnLedger, referring to the Chinese edition of Jinse.

At the end of last week, it was reported that EOS block producers could participate in coordinated mutual voting. For example, Twitter-account MapleLeafCap presented an analysis of leaked documents to the network.

One of the tweets says that Huobi votes for 20 manufacturers of EOS units, and 16 of them vote for the marketplace, which is also a producer of units in this network. In this case, the three-block manufacturers Huobi casts its votes for some of their profits.

However, not all representatives of the crypto community agree with the accusations against Huobi and other manufacturers of blocks.

According to the analysis of the situation, which was published by the user of social network Reddit under the nickname “eosview”, what is happening is nothing more than FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt, “Fear, uncertainty and doubt”).