Sidus Heroes is an NFT collection and a play-to-earn MMORPG space-themed game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and lets players colonize planets and explore the far reaches of its massive metaverse. 

One upcoming game will allow players to live in a massive space-themed metaverse, build spaceships, colonize planets, exercise galactic political powers, and so much more! Sidus Heroes is the type of blockchain game that is geared for modern players that aren’t too thrilled on merely acquiring plots of land or battling cute monsters, but want something extra special.


SIDUS Heroes is a massive and ambitious project, which comprises 200+ team members, including NFT256, one of the largest unions of highly acclaimed modern artists. 

The game’s co-founder and CEO Dan Khomenko envisioned a metaverse game that could bring blockchain gamers a bigger and better universe, as well as utilities, quests, and economy. 

The Sidus Team, aside from having top-notch artists onboard, also comprises architects, designers, and producers to ensure that both Sidus’ NFT collection and metaverse game can deliver immersive details and accuracy for all players. 

What Is Sidus Heroes? 

Sidus Heroes is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection and a play-to-earn MMORPG space-themed game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and lets players colonize planets and explore the far reaches of its massive metaverse. 

Sidus was first launched as an NFT avatar collection last August 2021, which features 6,000 uniquely designed spacefarers that would soon have an important utility in the collection’s upcoming game in January 2022. 

Players will be highly-engaged in the metaverse created by Sidus developers as they can do a wide range of things inside this virtual universe. 

They can farm resources and sell them to other players, choose professions that can help them advance in the game, participate in politics and team up with other players to colonize planets, and, more importantly, earn profits while doing all these ventures. 

Build, Explore, and More 

Indeed, this game is not merely about mindless fighting as it offers a wide range of immersive activities that fits every players’ preferences, needs, interest, and enthusiasm. 

Players can either play the role of builders and establish powerful infrastructures somewhere in Sidu’s vast virtual universe. They can also position themselves as politicians and use their political powers to amass support for exploring or colonizing planets. 

The developers created a game that relies on non-renewable fossils and renewable biological resources to encourage strong player interactions and longevity of its metaverse game. 

In other words, it wouldn’t be a linear game in which all players have to do is beat someone to reach an end goal. Instead, it would reflect the real world as players need to continuously amass resources, and compete with other players to advance and earn in the game. 

Dual Token Mechanism 

Sidus Heroes players will use two types of tokens to influence decision-making and expand their wealth inside the metaverse. 


SENATE is a governance token that enables players to have a voice in the critical decision-making in the platform. 

A player’s voting power will heavily depend on the quantity of the SENATE tokens he has. More of these assets means that he can wield a larger influence inside the game. On top of these utilities, SENATE tokens can also be used to purchase consumables and accelerators, which can further improve a player’s progress in the platform. 


SIDUS is an ERC-721 token and will be the metaverse’s gaming token and has a wide range of utilities which will be handy once the game is launched. 

Academy and Genesis Collection

The Academy Collection serves not only as a mesmerizing collection of space-themed heroes but also as a “ticket” for buyers to enter Sidus’ upcoming metaverse game. Each purchased Hero will be an entry pass for buyers to have access and play Sidus’ game and leverage every offering it provides. 

The same privilege will also be enjoyed by collectors who bought Heroes from Sidus’ Genesis collection, the first set of collections it has released. Buying from either Academy or Genesis collection are the only ways people can play Sidus’ metaverse game. 

Facilitating Full Interaction 

The Sidus metaverse game was specifically built to facilitate player interactions, which means that no player can possibly advance in this game without lending his time and support to other players. 

Like in the real world, every massive goal can only be achieved through a collaborative effort. In this game, strong team efforts are truly necessary as goals can reach from selling large quantities of produce to colonizing an entire planet. 

Battle Arena 

Battle Arena, the centerpiece feature of Sidus’ metaverse game, is one of the main reasons a collaborative effort is needed. It is a virtual place in the game made for tournaments where players either fight in teams of three or form fighting legions. 


The Marketplace is another virtual place that can further boost interactions among players, where gamers can either earn by selling products or find what they need by searching for items produced by other players. 

Though Marketplaces in every virtual platform have an obvious purpose, it’s important to highlight its role in Sidus’ metaverse as it encourages players to depend on each other, increasing their level of support and collaboration. 

Whether players are new or already have a long experience in the game, the metaverse’s Marketplace ensures that players would continuously need each other’s cooperation.


Council is a place where gamers create big decisions to execute big goals like colonizing a planet or the future progress of the game. And apart from cooperating with fellow council members and creating political parties, they also need to collaborate with large numbers of players to achieve their goals. 

This is an effective concept that encourages every player to converge to meet a common goal, strengthening their sense of camaraderie and trust with each other. 

Web GL 

Web GL or Web Graphics Library is a JavaScript API used for creating advanced and interactive 2D and 3D graphics on supported web browsers without plug-ins. 

And integrating Web GL at the heart of Sidus Games enables players to access its rich metaverse game through a web browser, without the need to download applications, upgrade their PCs or even purchase expensive hardware equipment. 

Web GL significantly lowers the entry barrier for gamers who want to jump in blockchain games but have limited resources to access them due to decentralized games’ high technical requirements. 

It also provides convenience for players as the game’s updates are solely handled by developers, without requiring gamers to execute any actions that can be cumbersome and time-consuming. 

Long-Term Stay In Sidus Metaverse

Before launching its game’s beta version in January 2022, the Sidus team had already designed its metaverse as a long-term world for gamers. 

In other words, players wouldn’t merely play and stay in the game for mere months or even up to a year. Developers envision players to stay and coexist in this metaverse for at least three years to establish a strong presence in this virtual world and further expand their influence and assets. 

As mentioned earlier, there are available professions in the game that players can choose and learn, and just like a real-life profession, it would certainly take years before they can master it. And it would also take additional years of applying that knowledge inside Sidus’ virtual world to fast track their progress and profit from it. 

The developers have also designed some artifacts that would only appear once players have reached a specific time in the game to encourage them to stay in the metaverse and add variety to the game. 


Sidus Heroes has a solid concept, exciting gameplay, a well-thought-out economy, stunning visuals, and an exciting long-term plan which gives it so much potential to reach and even exceed the records made by today’s most popular blockchain games. Indeed, there’s so much to watch out for in this metaverse game.