Starly will be available on BurningDrop this coming February 14, 2022, at 10:00 (UTC).

While the creation of non-fungible token (NFT) collections remains to rise in popularity, the barrier to entry is still high for many developers/artists due to the cost and technical process of launching. One platform aims to address this issue to provide more teams with a chance to jump into the NFT bandwagon. 


Starly is run by a 27-strong team that consists of individuals with impressive backgrounds and over a decade of experience in blockchain technology. 

The team was involved in creating F3 and, with 30+ million and 150+ million users, respectively, which serves as proof of the team’s competitive expertise. 

What is Starly?

Starly is a platform for creating and trading gamified NFT collections on the Flow blockchain that aims to capture the fast-growing market of NFT enthusiasts. 

While the NFT realm is swamped with continuous streams of ready-made and half-assed collections, Starly wants to play the long-term game by properly educating and assisting developers on how to create them. The platform eliminates the confusing and intimidating process of creating NFT collections and facilitates a seamless and fun experience. 

FLOW Blockchain 

FLOW is Starly’s blockchain of choice thanks to its high-throughput and low-latency combination, ideal for games, NFTs, and other digital assets. 

Its decentralized structure and protocol-level security ensure that the platform can secure users from digital risks. 

NBA TopShot, one of today’s most successful NFT ventures, also uses FLOW blockchain, which motivated the Starly team to use it on their platform. 

How Does Starly Work? 

Starly offers convenience, user-friendly features, and flexibility to NFT enthusiasts who wish to create digital collections on the platform. After users connect their social media accounts, the platform will offer a complete and easy-to-understand process of generating a collection.  

Moreover, creators have complete control over their NFT’s description, initial price, launch date, and choices of plans based on their budget. 

After this process and once the desired launch date is set, creators can start creating anticipation and promotions for their collection. 

How Will the Collection Look Like? 

Starly has a standard structure of 21 NFT unique cards, which can result in 10,700 NFTs, which gives creators large income potential. 

The contents in each card can be anything from visual arts, videos, photos, hand notes, and anything that creators can digitize. 

The collection comprises 11 common cards, 4 legendary cards, and 6 rare cards, and each card’s value depends on its serial number and rarity. Like a real-life card collection, the digital cards will be sold in “sealed packs,” and each pack will have a varying number of common, legendary, and rare cards. 

In its world, unboxing is called “pack opening,” which involves opening a newly-purchased digital card pack without knowing its exact card contents. 

STARLY Token and Staking 

STARLY Token is the platform’s native token and aims to help creators monetize their NFT assets. 

Staking STARLY tokens will open stakers on different reward tiers that provide exclusive privileges to increase their income and role in the platform. 

Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers will be available for stakers, and they will fall into any of these tiers depending on their staked tokens. 

Reward Tiers and Privileges 

Silver Membership 

  • (1%) of the primary sales will be paid in STARLY Tokens
  • Exclusive access to the first (30 minutes) of the sale
  • A silver membership badge on the user’s profile 
  • Access to exclusive drops from selected artists 
  • Privilege to vote for new drops, new platform features, and more 
  • Commission from primary sales 

Gold Membership 

  • (2%) of the primary sales will be paid in STARLY Tokens 
  • Exclusive access to the first (31-60 minutes) of the sale 
  • A gold membership badge on the user’s profile 
  • Access to exclusive drops from selected artists 
  • Privilege to vote for new drops, new platform features, and more 
  • Commission from primary sales 

Platinum Membership 

  • (3%) of the primary sales and (1%) of the secondary will be paid in STARLY Tokens 
  • Exclusive access to the first (31-60 minutes) of the sale 
  • Special access to events, parties, and merchandise 
  • Early access to new features
  • Exclusive, unannounced gifts and surprises 
  • One ticket per year to promote their NFT collection on ‘Featured Collection.’ 

Strong Fan-Creator Collaboration

A new breed of influencers and stars are rising within Starly as the platform has attracted a growing number of fans. Fans can get involved in their favorite creators in various ways, including waiting for new NFT drops, purchasing cards on the secondary market, and “opening” new card packs. 

They can also gain specific rewards and recognition from their card idols by achieving impressive records on the platform. 

This strong collaboration between fans and creators is one of the aspects that makes Starly a strong NFT platform. 

Starly Expenses and Commission 

Starly will cover all the expenses involved in minting, administration, and transaction fees and only gets a commission once an NFT sale has been finalized. 

The platform’s system is highly beneficial for creators limited by the high cost of NFT creation and cannot push through with their NFT venture. 

And by having a platform that can cover the cost of NFT generation, creators can now launch a collection right away and gain followers and buyers as early as possible. 

Benefits of Starly 

No-Sweat NFT Generation 

Starly provides an advanced tool and a guided experience in creating an NFT collection, saving users from the hassle of creating digital assets. 

People don’t need to start from scratch anymore, and all they have to do is upload their photo or any digital content and let Starly’s engine do the heavy work. 

Assistance in Pricing Strategies

Many people who venture into NFTs are probably clueless about pricing their assets based on their target audience. 

Pricing, and not only the art, determines an NFT’s success; that’s why Starly also offers 9 different pricing strategies designed for various types of audiences. 

Each strategy lays out the potential sales and payout calculations to help creators anticipate the effects of pricing on their NFT collection. 

Secondary Market Benefits

Fans can buy, trade, and sell cards on Starly’s secondary market, and creators have the privilege of getting 10% lifetime royalty from these transactions. 

Helps Increase an NFT’s Popularity 

Starly has a ‘deliberate virality mechanism,’ a system designed to boost the growth and popularity of NFT collections. 

With this, creators wouldn’t again start from scratch when it comes to promoting their collection because the platform will help them in this process. 

Seamless Payment and Withdrawing

Starly shows the price in USD and accepts credit card payments to cater to customers who are not yet into cryptocurrency. 

The platform also makes it easy for creators to withdraw their earnings from their NFT collections and commissions from the secondary market. 

Collector Store 

Collector Store will compute the points garnered by all the collector’s cards by looking at their rarity class and serial number, which has corresponding points. 

The total points garnered by a collector will put him in the ranking system of the Starly platform. 

The higher the ranking, the higher the rewards he can get, including STARLY tokens, DAO participation, exclusive drops, and more. 


Starly is not a mere hobbyist’s playground but a platform that wants to solve a real-world problem: the high entry barrier for many artists. With a ready mechanism to help artists generate and promote their NFT collections, including assistance on pricing strategies, the platform has big benefits to offer for the market.