The Chinese Digital Yuan Recent Trial And Abrupt Discontinuation

The Digital Yuan’s Abrupt Discontinuation – What You Need To Know

China has gained considerable ground when it comes to progress in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It has begun to roll out its digital...

President Trump Tells Treasury Secretary to ‘Go After Bitcoin’

It appears that US President Donald had been opposed Bitcoin since way back, according to a book written by John Bolton about his time...
custo defi solution

Custo DeFi Combines DeFi with the Security and Simplicity of a Bank Account

Cryptocurrency exchange Centralex has launched the first solution to combine the security of trading on mainstream crypto exchanges with the range of assets and...
SingularityDAO DynaSets outperform market

DynaSets: AI tool beats Ethereum returns by 45%

SingularityDAO, an organization using a unique combination of AI and best-in-class hedge fund traders to create tools for everyday investors in crypto, has just...