During the Forbidden City x Tencent Tri-Annual Meeting, president of the Palace Museum, Shan Yuxiang, announced that both institutions had formally partnered in July 2016 to promote the integration of culture and digital innovation.

Some of the fields considered include social, the gaming industry, animation, music, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, youth creative events, etc. Their main objective was to help traditional cultures come to life using mobile technologies and the Internet of Things. During their joint ventures, the Forbidden City and Tencent have managed to launch various things like the Forbidden City QQ game expression Miracle Warm, The Palace Echo theme comics, Playing the Forbidden City program, Forbidden City National Treasure Lip Gloss, and more than ten outstanding entertainment masterpieces.

The joint Music Innovation Contest held in 2018 saw the first contestant launch “Dan Qing Qian Li” song which exceeded 30 million video broadcasts. The event adopted the Old Paintings Will Sing theme which gathered massive attention on the Weibo blogging platform. In 2016, their Emoticon Competition creation contents were downloaded more than 40 million times upon upload plus more than 1.5 million page views in 3 hours. The Forbidden City and Tencent partnership has expanded the game section through exceptional creative approach. They incorporated an image authorization system between the Miracle Warmthand Traditional Costume Cultureusing the Empress of the Qing Dynasty and the Beauty of the Beautifulthemes.


In 2017, the organizations established a joint innovation laboratory with modern technology to explore, protect, and distribute informative content digitally without compromising its authentic nature. Note that, historical data can become meaningless without the actual original details. Tencent and Forbidden City’s joint efforts will maintain genuine comprehensive coverage as well seek solutions to retain cultural heritage globally. One of their successful creations includes Playing the Forbidden City program based on the Tencent’s LBS technology which enhanced the forbidden city tour experience. Its interface provides users/visitors with a clear museum overview, route plans, and location search among others.


The Tencent Cloud system provides technical support to their partners and utilized their technology meets online demand, store the available cultural data, expand active platforms, and offer multiple backup strategies. The organizations are currently exploring Blockchain technology for securing relics. Shan Yuxiang was recorded applauding the partnership as it has developed and spread useful historical knowledge to the world. It also continues to drive technological innovation, generate new ideas, and integrate more fields. Ideally, Forbidden City and Tencent have for years seen the benefits attained from combining science, humanity programs and technology. It creates a sustainable progress guaranteed to preserve and expand cultural experiences.