The OKEx exchange recently held a successful summit in Vietnam. The “2019 Open and Win-Win Conference Global Tour – Vietnam Station” aimed at an all-win cooperation outcome for the blockchain industry. This is because the summit brought together hundreds of quality partner projects, well-known investment institutions, financial institutions, and industry media opinion leaders to chart the way forward.

The Vietnam Summit

OKEx chose “Open and Win-Win” in its conference theme deliberately to reflect the aim of the conference. Blockchain technology is a dynamic innovation that brings unprecedented versatility and options to developers. 

Similarly, OKEx brings traders together as an arbiter in their trading operations. Through this conference, OKEx can leverage this innovation to bring together industry leaders in the region to learn and share ideas. 

As such, it is a win-win for this involved and has the ability to cause regional market change, James, the marketing Vice president of OKEx summed up the aim of the summit as follows:

‘’Southeast Asia is one of the most important markets for the global blockchain industry, and Vietnam is an active market for blockchain capital with unlimited potential. OKEx will bring together local high-quality resources in Vietnam, introduce high-quality projects from around the world to Vietnam, and foster the development of blockchain enterprises in the region to build blockchain industry ecology and promote the healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem.’’

Blockchain technology is definitely capable of disrupting the way the world conducts transactions forever. This is because localized blockchain transactions platforms in a place like Vietnam will lower transactions the developing country. OKEx can also benefit from this because an increase in digital currency platforms increases the volume of cryptocurrency use. This certainly means more customers for the OKEx exchange. Hence, the phrase ‘win-win’ aptly captures the aim of this summit as there is mutuality to the benefit. 

Companies like TRON, Genesis capital, and Qtum, HPB, LTC, ETC, Coinall, Blockcloud, TrueChain, ST-Foundation, HKDT, YEECO, Contentos, Cocos-BCX, Kardia Chain, Tomochain, Befull Community among others participated in this conference. The partnerships forged and market solutions on offer showed the potential of blockchain technology at large. Accordingly, this is something that OKEx seeks to scale up globally. The successful Vietnam conference is only a start.

About OKEx

OKEx is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that operates from Malta. The exchange is certainly popular with traders as it has risen to become one of the top-ten largest exchanges globally. Users can enjoy seamless fiat-to-fiat and crypto-to-fiat trading on listed coins. Besides, the exchange offers futures trading and wallet options for investors. The exchange is safe, liquid and effective for investors across the world.  

The exchange has had a remarkable growth curve and will soon offer services in more than a hundred countries. This means that such a summit and building partner networks are essential for growth moving forward. The blockchain field is definitely dynamic and staying on top requires versatility and the readiness adapt. This is true even for exchanges like OKEx, which have to always incorporate regulatory changes and new innovation in operations. 

Clearly, the exchange is committed to growth and using blockchain technology to remove barriers to transactions globally. OKEx recently had a free give away of Tether (USDT) in a move certainly aimed at attracting more conservative investors. This is because the Tether coin has its value always tied to the value of the US dollar. 

OKEx is therefore committed to ensuring as many investors as possible are comfortable trading on the exchange. This certainly signals a commitment to growth and increasing customer base which is good news for investors. Besides, the exchange plans to develop its own chain to host its native token just like the Binance chain.