The NEO 2019 Developers Conference has just concluded its two-day agenda, and the NEO community and partners have made lots of headway in their hopes to put themselves at the forefront of the smart economy.

The main focus of the event was NEO 3.0, with founder Da Hongfei saying that he is fully prepared to be cautiously iterative in the coming months or longer.

The second day saw the discussion on the progress of the NEO ecosystem project, whilst also exploring the multiple dimensions of data statistics, regulatory technology, financing compliance, and user experience.

In NEO Ecology, various speakers took part: NGD General Manager Zhao Chen, NGD R&D Director Peter Lin, NGD Eco Growth Manager John Wang, Tamar Salant, NGD Software Developer Longfei Wang, with NEO ‘s community concept of “beginning with developers, being developers, and being loyal to developers” clearly demonstrated.

Some of the highlights of day two were, Vitor Nazário Coelho’s vision for NEO 3.0 cryptography, consensus mechanisms and high-performance computing ; Archon co-founder Eric Wang Designs for a blockchain-based file storage system for NEO; NEO Health founder Brad Mattson introducing NEO Health Medical Encyclopedia.

“Institutional Economy” and “Large-scale Commercial Application” are NEO founders Da Hongfei mentioned keywords in the opening speech, reflecting the significance of the blockchain’s transformation to the traditional economy. NEO is welcoming the institutional economy in terms of technical facilities, ecology, economic design, legal compliance, investment financing, and regulatory technology . And to promote the preparation of commercial applications.

With more than 400 developers and more blockchain practitioners at the event, it must be deemed a successful venture. In 2019, NEO will not only build a Seattle office, but will also focus on the NEO 3.0 upgrade. We can’t wait to see the fruits of the conference and for NEO to put their ideas into practice.