My DeFi Pet is a blockchain-based virtual raising game that uses decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) elements, as well as the player’s personality.

This game is an innovation built on a hot technological principle: a decentralized play-to-earn system. From the game, three main aspects capture the foundation of its gameplay. “Pet” implies a creature for virtual raising, “DeFi” includes all features that enable players to earn money within the game, and “My” indicates each user’s ability to personalize the game. My DeFi Pet centers on the ability to collect, breed, evolve, battle, trade, and socialize with other pets. Through the game, players can both have fun and earn. 

The game runs on both the Binance Smart Chain system network and Kardiachain.



Tri Pham

In May 2021, My DeFi Pet was launched through a blockchain system under KardiaChain, the first interoperable blockchain in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The founding team developed this game thanks to modern innovation and a target to combine gaming and blockchain. The team behind the virtual gaming platform is headed by Tri Pham, the company’s CEO.

Pham is the mastermind behind the innovation from its inception, development, and launch. He also happens to be the co-founder and CEO of KardiaChain, which hosts the game in its system. The team also comprises Liem Thai, the game creator, Tommy Le, the game marketer, John Huy Nguyen, the chief business officer, Anh Tran, the game developer, Tiep Vu, the game growth hacker.

What is My DeFi Pet?

My DeFi Pet is a lifestyle virtual game incorporated with blockchain technology. My DeFi Pet game merges elements from DeFi and NFTs to everyday gameplay features. Generally, the gameplay on My DeFi Pet features functions like collect, breed, evolve, season reward, battle, and trade.

As a gaming platform that gives players full control of the game and its progression, the game is structured on a model that allows players a play-to-earn reward. With this, users can either choose to play for free or invest some amount in the game to get a good earning value.

The development of the game was in alignment with TopeBox, a Vietnam gaming developer. TopeBox brought a traditional gaming idea with the elements of DeFi into the NFT collectibles space. Today, My DeFi Pet is ranked as the second-largest game operating from Binance Smart Chain as of July 28.

My DeFi Pet Tokens (DPET)

To have full access to investing and playing this Pet game comes with a special token that players must use. The token is called DPET, and it is the acceptable in-game legal tender for the DeFi pet game. Gamers can use it for trading, buying, upgrading pets, and gaining other unique potentials that come with individual pets. 

DPET is currently a low market cap coin that sees some increase in the digital currency market. The increase in the price of DPET is based on the interest accumulated by NFTs. This token has increased about 79%, with a market cap of about $23 million. 

DPET has been listed on various crypto exchanges. Players can acquire the token by playing the game and completing missions on the platform. Users can breed, grow monsters, summon new eggs, and more with this token.

The token can also be locked to earn more voting power and better chances to win rewards. The sole aim of using a DEPET by the game developers is to enhance a smooth and easy transaction in payment and settlement by users in the system. This means that the token is not meant for public usage in any commercial or private transaction.

The token is not refundable and works as a decentralized in-game legal tender. Also, a DPET does not represent shares, dividends, profit, or investment with the developing company.

However, as a currency for the game, it has similar in-game economic value as the outside world. So the more tokens in your possession, the more activities you can perform, and the entire in-game financial eco-system revolves around thriving commerce between users.

How to Play My DeFi Pet

My Defi Pet has extensive gameplay with multiple missions, tasks, and events to keep players active and interested. As a game, it has easy-to-learn gameplay with enough competitive settings to keep players addicted. You won’t be required to download or install any app to play since it is an online game.

However, to gain access, users need to go to the official website on, register for an account and link their BSC wallet. To start playing the game, you also need a monster.

Gamers can only get the monster egg through the Pet store using DEPT. After buying a monster, players can build its ranking and their playing rank by feeding and nurturing it. For this, you need to cultivate fruits and vegetables, which you can use to feed your pet monster.

To grow your collection, you can either breed more species of this monster to get more of it or purchase more eggs from the store. You only need to keep repeating any process of your choice to have a large army of them. And with the fruits and vegetables grown, you can feed them to make them stronger for missions and then advance in levels.

How to earn by playing the My DeFi Pet game


In this game, three ways are stated as means for users to earn.

The first means of earning is through the sales of DPET. Players can do this from the in-game missions engaged with other pets. If you win the fights, players can sell the token through exchange platforms.

Players can also earn by auctioning the monsters which they have bred and fed. You can sell some or all your monsters to other users who bid for them on the platform.

Another means of earning in-game is through the developer’s season rewards. But this requires some guidelines to be followed, and it also takes time. Thankfully, the earnings here can be enormous to make it worth your while. 

The first season’s reward under this earning is pegged at $100,000, and it is always locked for the select DPET teams in the smart contract. The obligation attached to this is that users must have no less than ten legendary pets with complete levels. Once this requirement has been met, players are qualified to partake in this large pool to win the whooping season rewards at the end of the reward season.


My DeFi Pet game is part of the new wave of innovative decentralized gaming platforms that allows players to enjoy playing with the chance to earn real cryptocurrencies. The in-game crypto token that is integrated into the system makes it reliable and intriguing. One great fact of this token is the astronomic increase it has seen in the market starting from the launch of the game in May 2021.

Moreover, DPET is now listed in various decentralized exchange platforms and some centralized exchanges. This fact alone sets the game on a new level with a bright future for larger earnings while you play and advance. This merge between DeFi, NFT, and gaming could advance each other’s industries and aid in the adoption of crypto if it continues to enjoy the same traction it has in the last couple of months.