Immutable X is the first layer 2 protocol in Ethereum that focuses on NFTs and features zero fees and instant trading.

The high cost of minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum remains one of the major roadblocks preventing these assets from reaching mainstream use. Unfortunately, Ethereum 2.0 is still a few quarters away from merging with the mainnet. As of now, the immediate solution is layer-2, and that’s what Immutable X is building.

Immutable X has created a platform that can enable NFTs to flourish on ETH and make it accessible to more creators. 


Previously known as Fuel Games, Immutable created Immutable X to serve as a scaling solution for the blockchain giant Ethereum. 

Immutable’s co-founder, Robbie Ferguson, believes in the massive potential of NFTs, but their true power can only be tapped by making the minting process not only affordable but totally free for every digital asset creator. 

What Is Immutable X? 

Immutable X is the first layer 2 protocol in Ethereum that focuses on NFTs and features zero fees, instant trading, and a secure platform. 

It is also an open-source protocol that provides users with an opportunity to create and develop their decentralized applications, including marketplaces and games. In addition, Immutable X boasts 600x more TPS or transaction per second than any other Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces, which means that both users and gamers wouldn’t experience any interference within the platform. 

Immutable X Exchange 

Immutable X Exchange is the platform’s very own marketplace, even though it was named as an “exchange.”

It is a peer-to-peer platform that offers zero gas fees and 9,000 TPS speed, which is essential for gamers as every second counts, literally, in their gameplays because little delays or interference can cause major negative outcomes in their quests and game standings. 

The Exchange is valuable, not only for gamers but also for artists and traders as well, as it allows them to execute non-custodial trades. The beauty of these features is that it provides users with more power because it retains users’ ownership of their NFTs’ private keys. 

Moreover, the marketplace supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155, giving users an expanded choice and flexibility in managing their NFT assets.  

Immutable X Mint

Immutable X equips users with the capability for the creation and large-scale distribution of NFTs, and whether users mint a single or bulk item, the platform can execute all minting processes free from any charge. 

Also, NFTs that have been minted on Immutable X are immediately available to trade on the open market while maintaining the security provided by Ethereum. 

Immutable X Link 

Immutable X link serves as the user’s connection between their Immutable X key on the L2 exchange and their private key on the main blockchain of Ethereum. 

It has the same functions as the Ethereum wallet manager as it can also execute the same authentication and authorization functions inside the exchange. And after everything has been verified, they will then be transferred to the main blockchain.

Scalability and Security 

While scalability has always been technologically possible with blockchains, one major problem it creates is decreasing decentralization, therefore, compromising security. 

To deal with this problem, Immutable X and Starkware, a software that uses zero-knowledge with cryptographic proofs, have collaborated to increase the blockchain’s privacy and scalability. 

The Immutable X platform can seamlessly execute high-quantity batching of trades off-chain with users signing for the speedy process and all these transactions will then be put on-chain in a single proof that “squeezes” those trades into one transaction at a fixed gas cost. 

Gas fees exist, but Immutable X pays for these fees, making the process virtually free for users. 

Validity-Based Proof 

Using validity-based proof means that users’ assets cannot be traded without their authorization,  in other words, their virtual items can never be taken from them and this is the same security measure that Ethereum mainnet deploys for its platform. 

ZK Rollups: Immutable X’s Sidechain 

ZK Rollup is a Layer 2 option that bundles hundreds of transactions into one, which will then be separated by smart contracts to verify each transaction. 

Its advanced method significantly lowers the storage and computational demand in validating blocks, providing cost-efficiency and greener execution for blockchain transactions. 

It also uses a zero-knowledge proof method for publicly recording transactions on Ethereum and allows almost limitless scalability and quick transactions without giving up any aspects of its security. 

IMX Token 

IMX is Immutable X’s native utility token, an ERC-20 token specifically created to help increase the platform’s growth by providing rewards such as trading transactions and protocol adoption. These incentives are reserved for community members who are helping Immutable X become a scalable NFT ecosystem for Ethereum. 

The token, which has 2 billion supplies, provides platform users with the power to vote on the future path of Immutable X. But one important thing to highlight here is that the platform is not a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, which means that in the end, the final decision about Immutable X’s direction will still depend on the team. 

Also, its token is not issued by Immutable X itself but by an independent Token Foundation, which means that the team would not have the privilege to acquire part of the token distribution. 

The platform will soon release a staking reward pool, which would allow users to have an additional income stream by staking their IMX tokens. 

NFT Collections On Immutable X 

Moody Krows

Moody Krows is a collection of 10,000 images of randomly generated eye-candy crows that features creative outfits and aesthetic elements that describe their personality. It is also the first PFP collectible in Immutable X, which means that it allows buyers to use their regular MetaMask and ETH with zero gas fees. 

It will soon launch its “Krowmunity Wallet” which is designed to reinvest sales back into its platform to ensure longevity and continued benefits for every community member. 

The collection also has what it calls “Moody Pebbles,” which are rare collectibles with varying rarities and can be acquired by purchasing a Moody Krow NFT crow. The crows will then have to scavenge these pebbles inside their own metaverse, but NFT owners can passively get a pebble through drops. 


Landloot is the first-ever project Launchpad on Immutable X, and all members will have the opportunity to vote for the projects they like to be launched on the platform, and in its mechanism, 1 NFT is equal to 1 vote. 

Aside from voting, members can also use their NFTs to help their favorite projects in other ways, which, in turn, would provide them with exciting rewards.

Landloot will leverage Immutable X’s marketing channel and software technology to aid third parties in launching projects on the platform. 


AstroBros is a collection of 10,000 space-themed muscled characters, and each possesses a unique combination of poses, backgrounds, accessories, and items, making each of them truly valuable. 

Just like the previously mentioned NFT collections, AstroBros also takes advantage of Immutable X’s capability to offer zero gas fees, and with this perk, collectors would certainly be encouraged to purchase more characters. 

One of the long-term plans of AstroBros is to increase its NFTs’ use cases, marketplaces where the muscled space-farers can be resold, and networks where it could operate. 


Immutable X has opened a floodgate of new opportunities by allowing NFT creators to mint their creations for free, which became possible through the smart use of various technologies, and of course, the team behind it who has always believed in the power of digital assets.