Mindfolk is a ‘cabin and carpenter’ inspired NFT collection composed of 777 unique characters who left their previous overpopulated land to search for a new area to live in. 

If you love wood architecture, you have landed on this page for a reason, and that is to discover a fascinating non-fungible token (NFT) collection with ‘wood’ as its central theme. From wood builders-themed characters, wooden cabins and boats, a kingdom, and a token named after a wood, you ‘wood’n’t want to miss this exciting NFT collection (sorry for the pun, I had to). 


Mindfolk was built to cater to a specific NFT audience who loves a ‘building’ theme and shares the same enthusiasm with wood architecture. Right from the very start, the team reminds everybody that they’re only searching for like-minded individuals who genuinely love its theme, art, and overall concept.  

What is Mindfolk? 

Mindfolk is a ‘cabin and carpenter’ inspired NFT collection composed of 777 unique characters which are now available at Magic Eden marketplace. The Mindfolk characters are the people who left their previous overpopulated land to search for a new area to live in, which they luckily found. 

The abundant trees in this area (plus) their knowledge of construction was a heaven-sent combination that enabled them to establish a new and more sustainable society called the ‘Coppice Kingdom.’ 

But their skills can increase further, to the level of ‘Lumberjacks’ and ‘Carpenters,’ which will help them build more sophisticated and more robust projects. 

Through the help of their holders, Mindfolks can reach these levels and increase their status and assets in the Mindfolk universe. Out of the 777 Mindfolks, 70 characters will be allocated for the team, while another 7 1:1 premium will be put in the auction. 

WOOD Token 

WOOD Token is the utility token that powers the entire Mindfolk ecosystem, and both Carpenters and Lumberjacks must accumulate them to create various wooden architectures. 

Owning structures would also provide holders with passive income as these architectures yield WOOD tokens. 

To passively earn WOOD tokens, holders must delist their Mindfolk NFTs, but holders should train these characters first before delisting them. 

To actively earn WOOD tokens, holders must stake a Mindfolk NFT for a specific amount of time, which would allow the character to build and finish a construction project. 

The team also plans to add new offerings, including an art e-commerce store and an art-centered marketplace which will further increase the utilities of the WOOD token. 

How Much WOOD does Each Skill Yield?

  • Mindfolks without skills yields 10 WOOD each day. 
  • Trained Lumberjack yields 13 WOOD each day. 
  • Trained Carpenter also yields 13 WOOD each day (but builds 2x faster than Lumberjacks) 
  • 7 Legendary Elderfolks yield 26 WOOD each day. These special characters cannot work with a carpenter and be placed inside the cabins. 

Architectures and WOOD Requirements 

Type Required WOOD Tokens Time Needed to Build 
Cabin 1200 WOOD 1.5-6 Weeks 
Surfboard 100-180 WOOD 3-6 Days 
Boat 2222 WOOD 3-12 Weeks 


In order to gain higher rankings and earn more tokens inside the ecosystem, Mindfolks need to learn specific skills to achieve these things. 

It will take 7 days for each character to learn a new skill, and the whole process costs nothing to the holders. 

Let’s take a look at the skills that Mindfolks need to learn: 


Carpenters’ main asset is their brilliant minds, which allows them to think, conceptualize and craft amazing projects that can improve lives in their community. 

They are responsible for sawing, chopping, sanding, assembling, and polishing woods that lead to amazing architecture. 


Lumberjacks’ main task is to provide woods for the Carpenters, and through their ancestors, they have developed a great skill of selecting the strongest trees in the forest. 

They also have high respect for nature, as they never forget to rejuvenate the areas where they cut down trees. They do this by putting soil and planting seeds again, which would ensure that new life would continuously grow in these places. 

MindFolk Ecosystem


The basic architectures that Mindfolks can build are ‘cabins’ and ‘boats,’ and they are prohibited from building and renting these two things at once. 

Mindfolks’ progress and WOOD tokens would be eliminated if they get listed while working on a specific project. 


Only 333 cabins can be built inside the Coppice Kingdom, but each wallet can be used for an unrestricted quantity of cabin constructions. 

What’s more interesting is that cabins will be considered a separate collection, and owners can trade them right away in the marketplace once they are built. 

1 Lumberjack will take 6 weeks to finish a cabin and 3 weeks for 1 Carpenter, which is quite a long time for progress-hungry Mindfolks holders. 

The good news is that the process can be shortened by using either 2 Carpenters or 1 Elderfolk, which will reduce the building time to only1.5 weeks. 

A max of 2 Carpenters can be used for building each cabin, and holders cannot attempt to use 3 or more builders just to finish a cabin faster. 

Holders who have already committed to building a cabin but suddenly withdrew will lose their WOOD tokens as a punishment. 

A limited of 4 Mindfolks can occupy and live inside a cabin, and once inside, they will yield 2x as many WOOD tokens compared to their normal yield. 

Cabin owners can rent their cabin for 4-6 WOOD tokens for any interested Mindfolks holders, giving them a decent passive income while inside the Coppice Kingdom. 


Only 222 boats are available in the Coppice Kingdom, and just like with cabins, each wallet can be used to build an unrestricted number of boats. Holders can also trade boats on the marketplace once Mindfolks have finished creating them. 

1 Lumberjack will take 12 weeks to finish a single boat, 6 weeks for 1 Carpenter, and only 3 weeks for 2 Carpenters. 

Similar to the cabin building, holders will lose their WOOD tokens once they leave their boat unfinished. 

Boats will be an essential part of Mindfolks’ lives as these will allow them to travel on faraway lands to search for spores that can evolve into something that can be beneficial for them. 

There will be 10 islands that Mindfolks can explore to search for pores, and once an island has been visited, other holders can make a ‘ferry voyage’ to collect the remaining spores there. Each boat must have 3 Mindfolks sailors, and each voyage has a high chance of being successful if sailors have their own surfboards. 

Like any voyages, Mindfolks’ journey wouldn’t always be smooth, as they will face challenges that can reduce their chances of bringing home spores. 

Spore Evolution 

Once a spore has been obtained, it will take 45 days to evolve, but the evolution process will automatically reset when owners list their spore. 

The growing process can be shortened to 10 days when a spore is placed inside a cabin, and owners need to pay cabin owners 100 WOOD tokens for every spore they place inside. 


Elderfolks are the highest beings in the Mindfolk universe and serve as the divine guide of the Coppice Kingdom. 

Each of the 7 legendary Elderfolk has the ability to build 2 times faster than a single carpenter and, as a recap, yields 26 WOOD tokens each day. 


Mindfolks’ theme, concept, and mechanics are highly interesting and creative, which can potentially attract even those NFT collectors with not much interest in a wood-themed universe and characters. It is also one of the most sought-after projects in all of Solana, which is evident in how fast its floor price flew. All things considered, it appears to have the makings of a blue-chip NFT project.