The Fracture is a Solana-based collection composed of 6,666 algorithmically-generated characters called “SolGods,” which are presented as faceless beings. 

The non-fungible token (NFT) arena could possibly be the ultimate sector to celebrate the beauty and depth of art. Unfortunately, the flood of mediocre and trashy collections has often soiled the reputation of NFTs in the eyes of the public. But one NFT collection is attempting to bring the ‘class’ back to the space by introducing a series of artworks infused with fine art and inspired by a legendary art figure. 


The SolGods team had only one thing in mind when they launched their project, and that is to bring fine art into the modern world of NFTs. And to their surprise, the project has received overwhelmingly positive responses, which further strengthened its community and inspired the team to initiate new ventures for their NFT collection.

What is SolGods and the Fracture? 

The Fracture is a Solana-based collection composed of 6,666 algorithmically-generated characters called “Solgods,” which are presented as faceless beings. 

Aside from the ‘The Fracture,’ the team is also creating two additional collections called ‘The Bridged’ and ‘The Forgotten’, which will be airdropped for free to SolGods holders.

Giorgio de Chirico, a renowned metaphysical artist, was the inspiration for the team of artists who worked on the Solgods project. Solgods’ shaded art combined with pastel colors perfectly highlights the ghost-like aura of the gods and their origin, which is outside this reality. 

The 6,666 unique characters all came from 7 major parts, each highlighting Chirico’s immersive art style, which became more pronounced when each part was randomly assembled to create a unique “god.” 

Solgods’ initial mint has sold out, which proves the NFT market’s enthusiasm for this collection. And for those who want to bank on its potential, collectors can now purchase the gods on 

Magic Eden, SolSea, and Alpha Art

The SolGods team has selected Solana for its collection because of the blockchain platform’s advanced NFT toolset and significantly low transaction fees compared to Ethereum. 

Who is Giorgio de Chirico? 

Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) is an Italian painter and one of the founders of the Metaphysical painting art style. 

The artist’s paintings were so impressive and unique that even Pablo Picasso himself admired his creations. 

Chirico’s Metaphysical paintings became one of the most influential themes of the 1920s art scene, which cemented his legacy as a venerable artist. 

Future Plans of ‘The Fracture’

Native Token and Point System 

The SolGods team is currently in the planning stage of establishing a native token, pointing system, and yielding mechanics to finally create earning opportunities for the community. 

On its Medium page, the team has confirmed that Solana-based organizations and individuals have expressed their support for the collection’s upcoming token. 

These potential partners will be officially named after contracts have been signed and when everything has been finalized. 

The team also plans to roll out exclusive NFTs and physical merchandise, which can only be purchased through the token or accumulated points. 


SolGods will soon have an interactive game and turn Fracture’s world into an expanded universe, which would increase god NFTs’ utility and create another income stream for holders. 

The team is currently collaborating with two game development companies to develop a ‘grind system’ which would allow SolGods holders to earn more tokens or points and increase their ranking in the game. SolGods Poker and chess tournaments will also be introduced soon to cater to more community members with different preferences in digital games. 


As mentioned a while ago, the team is planning to release physical merchandise to bring Solgods into real life and expand its popularity. 

The team is currently working on the people behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) merchandise which would help them create a successful line of physical items. 

The Fracture

‘The Gods’, the collection where SolGods belong, ‘The Bridged’ and ‘The Forgotten,’ all make up the ‘3 Factions’ of the Fracture universe. 

The reason why the team is creating two other collections is to bring diversity to its universe, with each collection catering to different preferences and identities of the community. 

When all 3 factions are complete and have enough holders, the team plans to launch inter-community competitions to provide players with adrenaline-powered games and earning opportunities. 

Fresh Aesthetics for SolGods 

One of the biggest aspects of an NFT collection’s success is its ability to reach large chunks of audiences on different mediums. 

With this, the team plans to break away from a unidimensional way of presenting NFT characters and migrate to a more diversified one. The SolGods team is now collaborating with various animators to produce different content styles for the ‘gods’ characters. 

In other words, the community should expect that soon, they would see SolGods contents with fresh aesthetics without its traditional ‘FunkSteady’ style.

SolGods DAO

The SolGods community has a strong clamor for a decentralized organization (DAO), motivating the team to integrate this aspect on the platform. 

The team plans to allocate a percentage of their future fundraises to the SolGods DAO, which would expand the organization’s ability to support initiatives that are helpful to the community and the project. 


The Fracture collection is a promising project, even with almost everything still on paper and the project being early, it appears to have a garnered a cult-like following due to the sheer display of its art. The community is so supportive, which is a clear signal that the collection has done magnificent things, which is a strong point to be in for any NFT team.