In a notable development, ( intends to exclusively launch the Ferrum Network (FRM) on August 5th, 2019. The Ferrum blockchain network is a high-speed interoperable network that intends to facilitate real-world financial applications and peer to peer transactions. 

Accordingly, this platform will leverage the high speed and low-cost capabilities for instantaneous cheap exchange of digital assets. Moreover, the blockchain origin of the decentralized assets is immaterial. This will be a great boost to the overall scalability for blockchain platforms.

How does Ferrum achieve this? Well, the network utilizes Directed-acyclic graph (DAG) technology to support the high speed and low-cost transactions.  As such, it is possible for users to enjoy inexpensive and fast transactions on the network. 

This is because the network’s design allows users to deposit assets into the network and create a proxy token.  You can then trade this proxy token using the supported dApps to complete the daily payment solution. It is also possible to utilize legal tokens in your operations. 

The network notably has the Kudi exchange and Infinity DEX as applications that ease operations. The former is a Fiat gateway to purchase digital assets using fiat.

The Ferrum Network vision

Ferrum network COO, Ian Friend believes that the company’s core values and vision are critical. He said:

“More important than the minutiae of the product is the company’s core values ​​and vision. Too many ICO projects have been plagued by short-term thinking and unsustainable development plans. The Ferrum Network is trying to do things in different ways.” 

Friend went on to justify the decision to settle on a partnership with the BitMax exchange. The rationale was because of the insight and patience BITMAX had with the project. To that end, the platform developers appreciated the trust the BITMAX team showed in their project.  The two seem to have struck a mutuality of purpose and vision.

‘’They took the time to understand our projects, saw our value, and regarded us as real in the whole process.’’

The BITMAX Factor has developed a reputation for professional technology, long-term planning and a proud track record on product innovation. The fact that a professional Wall-Street team is behind it is obviously a key factor in this record. Dr. Cao, its founder, has a history of trading exchange at the request of the storied franchise. 

The dedication of a combination of the two concepts and the quality products means that is an ideal launch platform for FRM. As such, the two parties will use more tokens to expand the cooperative relationship.

In the follow up to this announcement, the Ferrum Network will incorporate BTMX tokens to its upcoming financial product. This product is known as UniFrye wallet. Accordingly, Ferrum users have Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, GUSD, BTMX, BNB and FRM options in their wallet. Furthermore, the two partners will explore additional marketing options, partners and products in Asia in the next three months.

In fact, the launch of is a stepping stone for Ferrum to open up the Asian Market. This is obviously an endorsement of technology, planning, and product innovation as well. Accordingly, it adds value in the cross-chain field. 

The cross-chain has to be the future of blockchain solutions and Ferrum is a representation of that. This cooperation can help to inject more vitality in this industry as well as bringing more innovative services to users.