An unusual fork is being conceived by Gab, a media platform advocating for free speech. The plan? To fork Brave, but instead of using Brave’s native token, use Bitcoin.

Gab’s vision of providing a platform where everyone is welcome to say anything and everything whichever way, they want to say it, has distanced it with vital services such as web hosting. Additionally, payment processors like PayPal have never been comfortable working with Gab.

If It’s Denied, We Create

Even with such high levels of ‘discrimination,’ Gab has no plans to derail its vision. However, to keep moving, they will have to create what they are being denied.

A web browser is one thing they have created by using a forked version of Brave, another web browser interested in privacy and ad-less web browsing. Although Brave’s code is open source giving everyone access, Brave’s CEO, Brendan Eich, is not very happy with Gab.

In a move to draw a vivid comparison, Eich wonders “what kind of a parasite forks an open source browser to get an extension distributed to people.”

Open Source Means Freedom

But for Gab’s CEO, Andrew Torba, an open source project, by default, allows everyone to copy and adjust the project to fit their requirements. Since history never forgets, Eich is seen as bashing Torba for criticizing the Brave’s native token in the past.

Now, since Torba thinks the BAT toke is a “joke,” he would replace it with Bitcoin. Gab is not interested in blocking ads or even paying advertisers or people who interact with ads.

Brave’s CEO received tremendous support from social media platforms like Reddit with some Redditors like DefNotRussianShill saying:

“Brave browser already lets publishers put other addresses in tipping banner. So, this version that Gab is working on is pointless, and I’m calling bullshit on right now. F*** those guys. Brave has already built an awesome ecosystem, and it’s going to take a miracle for Gab’s project to get close to the current user base that Brave has.”

Gab Has Supporters

But not all Redditors were up in arms against Torba; some were quick to point the significant weakness of Brave is its token which “makes little sense.” While Brave is using ad blocking as its main selling point, this is seen as a way to sell the BAT tokens since one can install an ad blocker on their browser of choice.

Although Gab has not said what they are going to do differently, Brave’s move to pay publishers was met with skepticism with others saying that “people just don’t pay for digital information that isn’t subscription based like Netflix or Spotify offer.”

The idea of changing their fork to support Bitcoin instead of BAT is seen as majorly influenced by Gab’s known love for Bitcoin. Even though, at present, Gab can receive credit card donations, Bitcoin has remained Torba’s best mode of contribution.

Generally, Gab is seeking to develop a browser that is beyond the censorship of “Silicon Valley companies.” Unfortunately, this includes Brave.