Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin is the first major names to put themselves down to attend the 2019 Shanghai Blockchain International Week event from the 16th Sep. to Sep.18th.

Buterin has been a long-standing supporter of the blockchain event, being in attendance every year since 2015. The Ethereum founder is often seen at events like this and is often traveling around China, sharing his ideas. 

The global event is founded by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. The event will be the fifth of its kind. According to reports, the event expects to host 2000+attendees, 250+global experts, 40+high-profile topics, 50+excellent projects.

Split into two parts, the first section will see various projects demonstrate their ideas and new applications of blockchain technology. The second part will see an overall discussion on the topic of, “Blockchain New Economy: New Decade, New Beginning”.

In previous editions, VeChain, the Singapore blockchain company showcased their ideas at the demo day. Cosmos, Qtum, imToken are also notable examples of companies showcasing their ideas. 

Other notable names released for the blockchain event

Buterin was not the only attention-grabbing member to sign up for this year. Chen Xiaotian, the General Manager of Unicom Internet of Things and the Dean of China Unicom’s Internet of Things Research Institute will also be there sharing his blockchain views. Chen will share the “chemical reaction” of the blockchain and the Internet of Things at the conference.

Bank of Japan will also send a representative to the event. The project leader of Stella, an application research project jointly established by the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank. The representative, Mr. Shenway (Min Dao) will bring the latest developments in Japan’s blockchain and give an update on the Bank of Japan’s progress in the implementation of distributed ledger technology.

The event organizers have promised even more big names in the coming weeks. Tickets for the event are going fast, with early bird tickets closed for further sale by the end of the day.