World-renowned DJ and music producer VINAI will release their first NFT centering around one of their unreleased music with visual art. The debut NFT release will be on the OpenSea marketplace, under VINAI’s official account.


VINAI is the latest dance music producer to explore the digital frontier of the NFT world. This will be VINAI’s debut release of one-of-a-kind, tradable NFTs custom-designed by the artists themselves, minted, and authenticated on the public blockchain. 

After the initial major drops of other famous artists, VINAI started constructing more advanced concepts for their NFTs. The first NFT release will be extremely limited, combining with 3D visual content and exclusive unreleased music that they have specially created for this launch.

“A few months ago, we discovered the beautiful world of NFT and its unique potentials. As music artists, we immediately realized the connection between the digital art world and music,” VINAI said.  “We first got exposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain around 4 years ago. Since then, we have always believed that it is just the beginning of a new technological advancement with unlimited possibilities.”

“NFTs will lead the way on our next phase of blockchain adoption and can revolutionize the entertainment and social media industries,” claims Scottie Siu of Orichal Dynamics. “We are very excited for VINAI’s first NFT release and other upcoming limited edition offerings,” said Victor Tsai & Ben Chong of Vibes Group Production. 

We are very proud to present you the very first of VINAI’s NFT, with a limited edition of only 20 copies worldwide. Look out for a preview and teasers of VINAI’s debut NFTs on their social media.  

VINAI’s first NFT is dropping on Friday, April 9th 2021.

VINAI will collaborate with Vibes Group Production and Orichal Dynamics as technical advisors to release further upcoming collections of NFTs centered around VINAI’s other creations and potential collaborations with other artists.








VINAI NFT Team Press Contact:

Vibes Group Production

Technical Advisor Contact:

Orichal Dynamics 

SOURCE: Vibes Group Production Limited, Orichal Dynamics Limited