Binance is not done with adding to its ecology and it has launched Binance X, a developer platform.

In a blogpost, Binance noted:

“We have become a platform that third-party developers can build and leverage for their own products and services. As a platform that is rapidly evolving, there is a need to provide a cohesive way to engage and support developers in our ecosystem, and thus, Binance X is conceived.”

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has overtime redefined our understanding of a crypto exchange. For instance, it launched its own coin, Binance coin (BNB), a platform to issue initial exchange offerings (IEOs), Binance Launchpad, and created its blockchain platform, Binance Chain.

Beginners and veterans are welcome 

Fortunately, although Binance is an advanced exchange, its development platform will accommodate both beginners and seasoned developers. However, since it is a new platform, developers are provided with tutorials, tips, and documentation to help them get started.

Notably, the new addition aims at helping developers dive into the blockchain ecosystem through learning and collaboration. In addition, the platform seeks to improve activities around Binance Chain, software development kits associated with Trust Wallet, and the application program interfaces associated with

According to the head of Binance X, Teck Chia:

“The long-term goal of Binance X is to foster a thriving developer ecosystem that innovates on products and services that would advance the crypto ecosystem and contribute to crypto adoption.”

Developers on Binance X will also be connected to Binance programs such as Binance Launchpad, Binance Labs Incubation, and Binance X Fellowship, among others. An important point to note is that the fellowship aspect concentrates on research and development of open-source blockchain software. Currently, the fellowship has invited over 40 projects and developers.

How to join Binance X Fellowship

To join the Binance X Fellowship program, Chia explained, talent is the guiding factor. Additionally, the projects must be open-source. Interestingly, for developers to easily find their place on Binance X, there’s a list of project ideas to choose from. For example, they can provide a “Robinhood-like user experience” to cater for casual traders, or they can go the “Bloomberg-like terminal” to accommodate intense manual traders.

Surprisingly, as noted by Chia, it is expected to fuel mass crypto adoption as it drives innovative and creative projects from third-party developers. Moreover, it is structured in three major areas: growth, collaboration, and learning.

In the “Learn” section, developers will receive resources to help them better their grip of the blockchain and the Binance ecosystem at large; the “Collaborate” section has tools for developers to collaborate whether online or offline while the “Grow” section will assist developers with taking their products to the next stage.