Would you grab it if you had a way to play games while earning crypto? I would, but only if it were legitimate and had win-win policies. And that’s what WAM is, a play-to-earn or P2E platform that allows you to engage in social gaming and compete for token rewards.

Launched in February 2021, WAM is an internationally validated platform for hyper-casual games and skill-based tournaments. It’s available via browser and dedicated apps for mobile devices, where you can win $WAM coins or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

While these coins also offer access to the gaming ecosystem on WAM, you’ll also earn rewards in coin locking, minting, and revivals. The cryptocurrency operates on the Binance Smart Chain, BEP20 protocol, and partners with multiple NFT projects to create digital value through real life.

Revolutionizing the GameFi Industry

Social gaming is the blanket description of hyper-casual games that utilize leaderboards and point systems to rank your participation level. You take part in tournaments that are entertaining and highly engaging but simple to play for lucrative rankings and scores.

WAM is one of many platforms to step into the crypto space commonly known as GameFi, but it’s the first P2E provider with over 4 million users. While that’s on its apps alone, WAM’s also a finalist for Mobile Games Awards nomination in the best innovation category, 2021.

Games played on WAM don’t need you to be a hardcore gamer. Instead, their wide selection of titles is simple, fun, and straightforward. The chain-agnostic P2E platform is commercially ready, and there are categories for casual and hyper-casual games in single or multiplayer modes.

These include brainteasers, sports, card or board games, puzzles, and arcade titles. Winning at any of these will increase your in-platform ranking, allowing you access to high-reward tournaments. An entrance fee ensures that each event has a sizeable prize budget or reward pool, often in $WAM coins or NFT pieces.

How to Leverage Features and Tools On WAM?

While there are multiple endeavors for earning on the WAM platform, the P2E provider focuses on hyper-casual games. You can attain top ranks and earn money even as a beginner crypto gamer due to the simplistic layout and user-friendly interfaces.

On WAM, you can set up social profiles that allow for the customization of avatars, NFTs, and interaction with other participants. Tournaments are fast-paced, and there are chat functions for interacting with other players in-built into the platform. A secure wallet lets you access your $WAM tokens and use payment providers like bank cards to top up your account.

Besides participating in casual and hyper-casual gaming tournaments, the fundamental concepts of the platform are;

Play to earn: It started with players earning experience points or XPs before a Token Generation Event, or TGE, allowed them to convert these into $WAM coins.

Own to earn: You’ll earn passive income from games bought or developed on the platform and NFTs you win while participating in these tourneys. The profit is a percentage derived from entry fees paid by participants.

Market to earn: If your marketing and promotion skills are on point, WAM allows you to rent or organize games and tournaments, with profits calculated as percentages of the game owner’s income.

Develop to earn: A developer can leverage tools available on WAM, build games, and sell them on the marketplace. Once your games are sold, you’ll receive a lifetime commission, a percentage of the prize pool.

You can create games using Artificial Intelligence or AI-assisted technology through these concepts and trade the $WAM or NFTs you’ve won in tournaments. Owning and marketing lets you engage fans through custom tourneys as your profile grows and earn recurring revenue from games, NFTs, and tournaments.

You can also host and promote tournaments while growing a fan following on the WAM platform. Their web browser-accessible content and iOS and Android apps let you fund your $WAM coins using a bank card or mobile wallet. The seamless process is a significant milestone since, other than facilitating players using their Blockchain technology; it’s a step closer to achieving mass crypto adoption.

What Sets WAM Aside from Other Play to Earn GameFi Providers?

WAM offers you, a gamer, game developer, or content promoter, the chance to generate revenue from digital content while sharing it with an appreciative and paying community. It’s a forum changing the GameFi landscape dramatically, whether it’s development, participation, or promotion of services and products.

You’ll earn winnings distributed algorithmically based on your player statistics and rankings for top players. That’s the simplest way to earn on WAM, which involves joining, playing, and winning in the tournaments that require an entry fee, which expires after 12 or 120 hours.

As such, you have improved chances of making gains on the leaderboard, making in-game revivals to continue from your last attempt’s score. However, your score is reset to zero after the third revival attempt.

Besides NFTs, WAM allows you to own games, usernames, avatars, and other digital content to generate recurring revenue. It’s a revolution that leverages game publishing and tokenization to incentivize the gaming community further and support creators.

WAM enables permission-less promotion of individual content, and you have the entire ecosystem to capture traffic and convert leads. Revenue earned from the community is settled using smart contracts, meaning every user worldwide is allowed the chance to promote and monetize content.

What Makes WAM Stand Out?

WAM is a decentralized application that services a gaming marketplace to support digital products like NFTs and $WAM to increase trust, ownership, and transparency. The platform is available on any browser, desktop, and mobile, plus applications working on android OS and iOS.

Developers for the WAM ecosystem use the latest cutting-edge technology and have dedicated countless hours to design and development alongside research and testing. That includes code languages like react native, Node JavaScript, swift, Java, Go, Nuxt.js and Laravel, while the Blockchain layer is built on Polygon.

That means the platform is robust, supporting millions of users for the centralized portion, while decentralization takes form in Blockchain technology. It allows participants to earn $WAM, record ownership, use, sell, and transfer digital currency and content without restriction.

Digital asset trading and storage integrates ERC-20 standards for the $WAM token, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 for NFTs. That leverages Ethereum’s interoperability, ease of use, and robustness alongside an essential throughput scalability aspect.

The power of Ethereum provides WAM users with solid trust layers, as Polygon is the most active scaling solution for high speed and EVM compatibility. That means the ecosystem can build engaging content by connecting to the network and developing the platform at scale.

WAM has significant benefits over other gaming networks due to the overall leverage of polygons plasma infrastructure. Besides scalability, the platform offers a better user experience alongside security and scalability.

Wrap Up

WAM works hard to bring the online NFT marketplace closer to consumers, and they’ve partnered with numerous third-party developers for entertaining, engaging, meaningful content. Inspiration for the founders of WAM came from amateur sports tournaments in real life where competitors play games for prize pools.

But it’s the 2020 pandemic that showed them the importance of digital platforms where users hang out with friends from around the world. The participation platform offers enhanced security features on the WAM ecosystem and doesn’t require much investment in time or money.