Security concerns continue to blight the crypto space, from multiple hacks and viruses infecting the ecosystem, the community is crying out for more solutions from apps and companies.

Up step VeriSafe, the new app which will be the hub for transparency and crypto safety.

VeriSafe logo
VeriSafe logo

VeriSafe, which is the rebranded name for Cpollo, will give customers an simpler, safer, and more efficient way for customers and businesses to participate in an Initial Coin offering (ICO), a Parallel Coin Offering (PCO), or for new or existing projects to leverage the transparency and resources the VeriSafe platform will offer. New users will also be able to build a templated token on any one of multiple smart contract based chains offered on their platform (ETH, NEO, NEM, ADA, TRX, QTUM, and others). The app will essentially be an ecosystem for the industry.

The transparency and security will be at the forefront of the operation and VeriSafe will do this through its revolutionary feature, the VeriSafe verification. The company will verify all users of the app and then give them a seal of approval. This new step is crucial, especially following the news that the economic loss caused by blockchain security accidents in 2018 is about $2,238 billion.

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The app will also provide ‘for hire’ users for accredited investors within the company. The freelancers will broadcast a résumé of sorts in this for hire section and list past experiences, current skills, a bio, etc. These users looking for work in the crypto space will also be available to any project that is approved as a safe and legitimate project by VeriSafe, allowing them to join with a potential new employee or even a freelancer looking to earn some extra income.

Not only that, but the rebrand will also introduce other great features such as a new ERC-20 token (VSF), and a new VSF desktop wallet with a web wallet. The exchanges, including Stex, Coinbene, Idax, Bleutrade, Mercatox, and Instant Bitex, will support the swap, but old Cpollo (CPLO) coins will no longer trade on them, only the new VeriSafe (VSF) token.

In order to unlock the majority of these great features, you’ll need the VeriSafe Token. This token will allow its users: access to premium components on the VeriSafe platform; to be hosted on the VeriSafe platform “for hire” section; ability to create tokens, and/or host token crowd sales through the VeriSafe platform; currency to invest in token sales and Project Approvals.

With its numerous coins, various benefits for investors and freelancers alike and ultimately its commitment to safety in these troubling times in the market, VeriSafe seems the perfect ecosystem for cryptocurrency users. It appears to be at the forefront of the industry and we can’t wait for its full token swap and launch this February. For profitability and peace of mind, VeriSafe is the place to go!

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