VeChain a leading blockchain-based smart contract platform with a commitment to business application encompassing supply chain, tracking and inventory is in partnership with Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden.

New Partnership as a Real Use-Case

The Japanese tea culture has a rich history which dates back to the 9th century. The art of tea preparation and serving to customers is undoubtedly one of the most ceremonial functions embedded in the rich Japanese culture.

Vechain NFC labeled product – Medium

Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden located in Japan is one of the most historic tea producers around the globe. Thus, the partnership with VeChain will see the utilization of advanced traceability and the Internet of Things (IoT) in enabling customers to check the origin of the tea products they consume using a smartphone. Consequently, the smartphone will be able to read the NFC chip that the tea package carries.

What is the Technology and How It Helps? 

While the experimenting the trial batch, VeChain inserted its NFC chips into a total of 100 products which formed a limited edition of Fuji Tea. The trial version serves as a fragment of the more significant partnership to employed when the implementation process is completed.

Vechain NFC chip – Vechain Medium

Customers can authenticate the origin of their tea and discover whether it is from Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden or not through the NFC chip from VeChain.

iOS Screenshot of Vechain App

Each product carries a unique ID that exclusively belongs to it. Another benefit associated with VeChain’s NFC chip is the ability of consumers to check additional information about the product. Data such as a video showing the history of the tea garden will also be on display. Furthermore, assessing the chip will grant consumers access to the verification certificate presented and saved on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden is located in Shizuoka, Japan with the history well over 90 years. It remains one of the few widely known origins of Japanese tea. Shizuoka boasts a productive environment, thanks to the fertilized soil and the dry breeze around Mt. Fuji. Being a staple in Japanese tea garden and culture since 1241, Shizuoka is well-established and highly nourished.

Conclusion on Vechain and MARUMO Partnership

The traceability solution provided by VeChain will accord the Fuji Tea producers to share information about the tea and its rich culture to the consumers in an improved and seamless way which is in perfect sync with the vision of the Tea Garden leader, Mohei Honda.

VeChain in collaboration with Fuji MARUMO Team Garden will incorporate one of the most innovative technology solutions into the productions of one of the leading historical tea industries in the world. The synergy between Vechain and Fuji Tea will experience the combination of blockchain and traditional culture to build trust and promote traditional culture in the face of the world.