Ripple XRP continues to show its relevance to the world beyond the conventional role it plays as a reliable financial system platform. This is a step in the right direction has Ripple has proven that it much-coveted token, XRP is a cryptocurrency capable of adding values to all types of users.

Travala + Ripple

Unveiling the new development, Travala, one of the leading crypto-based hotel booking giants has declared an official support and total integration of XRP into their payment gateway.

Often heralded in the crypto ecosystem as the Expedia or crypto Airbnb, Travala in a recent update extended its catalog of the properties overseen to the peak shooting a little above 550,000, all available for booking across over 210 prominent cities globally. This landmark achievement has positioned Travala as arguably the most prominent crypto-based hotel booking platform in the world.

Travala AVA on Coinmarketcap

Travala leverages cryptocurrency to continue to thrive as a business
According to the statistic from Coinmarketcap, AVA which is the native Travala token has gathered momentum over the past 30 days surging from 1743 sats to above 3800 sats during the period.

The latest announcement sees XRP become the latest addition to Travala crypto payment gateway joining several other coins such as BTC, ELM, DASH, ETH, BNB, TUSD, and LTC including AVA.

In July, Travala platform cryptocurrency marketplace commenced operation, which was fully powered by NEO blockchain. As of recent, the number of operations run by each token remains oblivious as no additional details have been released to the public.

Travala’s website screenshot

However, it is critical to be aware that KuCoin had listed AVA – Travala token since December 11 with BTC, ETH, and pairs, thus Travala teams are able to increase the platform’s transparency.

As observed by Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTE), “Cryptocurrency integration revolutionizes the relationship between the consumer of the future and their travel preferences”.

It is imperative to state that the Ripple Team is yet to release any official statement regarding the new development as their entire effort is centered on actualizing the vision of the developer’s team; this shows that the prominent blockchain experiences a daily usage by the public.

Ripple XRP Success in the Bear Market

Currently, XRP can be said to be enjoying relative stability has it has passed the support system testing against the 888 Satoshis. Going by the coinmarketcap pronouncement, the RSI could be appealing to potential new owners. Nevertheless, even at 4 hours, MACD displays no signs of the reversal of the bear market faced presently.

The reason behind Ripple’s continuous success in the Bear Market
Speaking to the Tech Portal, PCMag, Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Product Management – Asheesh Birla disclosed his opinion on the present condition of the crypto market. Also, he revealed that a token’s price is of less significance contrary to the general opinion.

Mr. Birla - Ripple
Mr. Birla – Ripple Team

Stating his submission, Mr. Birla believes that the bear market is a welcome phase that will enhance the health of the ecosystem as it will help to eliminate inferior projects.

He stated that despite witnessing their third crash in the crypto market, however, they are left unfazed as the fall only help in getting rid of people with little commitment to creating a lasting solution for real problems and causes. He asserted his belief that several companies will emerge successful at the end of the decline in the crypto market.

Discussing further, Birla identified pragmatism of the Ripple team as the most significant factor responsible for the success of the XRP as an anti-fiat method is of no use presently.

Birla narrated that the decisions to partner with financial institutions have brought significant successes, however, they are obligated to meet many financial regulations and requirement.

In conclusion, Mr. Birla berated the 2013 public opinion that the Bitcoin can work without the bank, government or any corporations. He pointed out that the approach doesn’t work any longer as work partnering with financial institutions and regulator although a more challenging route, but unarguably the right choice.