TooRichCity is a metaverse real-estate IP that draws inspiration from Cyberpunk aesthetics. 

While there are people rushing into the non-fungible token (NFT) hype to take advantage of its popularity, there are some who remain intimidated by this new trend and choose to be on the sidelines. But one artist, who once thought that NFTs are complicated and troublesome, has dared to jump in despite his doubts and was generously rewarded for it. 


Heshan Huang, the creator of the TooRichCity project, desires to see a world where people don’t need to worry about owning a decent house to live in. 

While it may take a while before it can become a reality in the real world, he created a metaverse filled with eye-candy properties, with a main character that symbolizes his philosophy and dream. 

What is TooRichCity? 

TooRichCity is a metaverse real-estate IP that draws inspiration from Cyberpunk plastic aesthetics and is consistently growing in popularity. 

The collection, which was sold out in just two days after its launch, symbolizes the magic and creativity that lives within average people. 

TooRichCity rose in popularity when it made its grand debut at TAOBAO Maker Festival, Alibaba Group’s yearly celebration that showcases the latest in China’s consumer market. 

The project has partnered with NEAR Protocol, an ultra-fast blockchain platform and Ethereum competitor, and Web3Games, a blockchain gaming ecosystem. The three platforms have aggressively promoted the project in the NFT space and have generated much interest among Chinese millennials and Zoomers, who are well aware of NFTs. 

Meet the Creator 

Heshan Huang, a Chinese artist who graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, is the creator of the now popular TooRichCity. 

His creations include detailed and customized virtual buildings, which comprise the Bu Tu Garden Community, a part of Huang’s entire NFT collection called the ‘TooRich City Series.” 

This fictional world isn’t complete without a fictional character, and this is where “Mr. Toorich” comes in, a virtual real-estate tycoon who has a mission of providing luxury housing for the poor. 

Huang had in-depth research of real-world Chinese cities and towns which became his inspiration in creating his intricately-designed virtual properties. Chinese NFT enthusiasts who want to purchase a property in the community must pay yuan on Taobao’s website due to the government’s ongoing crackdown on cryptocurrencies. 

Taobao, a Chinese online shopping platform, is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in China and is owned by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba Group. 

Investments Received by the Project 

Eraser Li 

Eraser Li, an investor, Web3, and Metaverse specialist, has invested in TooRichCity to further boost the virtual community’s potential and give it a much-needed edge over its competitors. 

Li, who is also a record label owner, is the founding partner of the crypto investment firm SevenXVentures. 

Everest Ventures 

Everest Ventures Group (EVG), an Asian venture capital firm that aims to fast-track NFT adoption in Asia, has invested in TooRichCity, which would help boost the project’s marketing muscle. 

Also, this big investment would help big brands utilize the City’s potential to enhance their image and reach an untapped blockchain audience. 

TooRichCity is the first real estate NFT IP to be supported by EVG, and both of them are planning to launch an NFT game soon. 

EVG has big investments in GameFi, blockchain infrastructures, and NFTs and has incubated one of today’s biggest Web3 companies, including Sandbox and Animoca. 

HHS Art x Paras 

TooRich City properties, which are accessible through HHS.ART, is the first NFT contract to be integrated into Paras, a NEAR-based NFT marketplace, making it available to a wider audience. 

How To Access Paras on NEAR Account 

  1. Log in to Paras marketplace using NEAR account. 
  1. Once inside, owners can access their TooRich City properties by clicking the “Collectibles” tab. After clicking it, all their NFT real estate assets will appear on their Paras profile. 
  1. To sell or trade properties, owners must click “Update Listing” or “Transfer,” which can be found on the card details. 


TooRichCity boasts an impressive artwork, thanks to its creator’s genuine artistic background, but what will really catapult the project are the platforms and investments that are constantly supporting it. The TAOBAO Market Festival, NEAR Protocol, Web3Games, and other big investments have been instrumental to the project’s success, which has certainly unlocked more of its underlying potential.