Thugbirdz is a Solana-based collection composed of 3,333 algorithmically-generated pixelated birds; that are thugs. 

Non-fungible token (NFT) communities work best if their goals focus on a worthy cause instead of solely on digital assets and profits. By having this type of community, members are more engaged and inspired to support a collection because they know they are working towards a bigger-than-life goal. 


The Thugbirdz team is composed of leaders in different areas such as community, art, architecture, strategy, and an advisor that all work together to foster a strong and highly engaged community. 

The team also aims to establish a community that can support talented artists in the visual and music arenas, to bring their talents to the next level. 

What is Thugbirdz? 

Thugbirdz is a Solana-based collection composed of 3,333 algorithmically-generated pixelated birds. 

These birds have major parts, including hats, shades, beak color, earrings, tattoos, and even smoking style. They are divided into four’ gang roles’, which are ‘Thugs’ (89%), ‘Enforcer’ (9%), ‘Underboss’ (0.9%), and the Boss, a single bird. 

The collection is currently available on Magic Eden, Solanart, and Digital Eyes secondary markets. These NFT birds can be purchased through Phantom, Solflare Sollet, Mathwallet, Slope, and Solong Web3 wallets. The Thugbirdz team will soon launch their pixelated birds on other secondary marketplaces.

Thugbirdz is also one of the major Solana NFT collections supported by crypto exchange FTX. 

And in return for the support they’re receiving, 10% of the collection’s entire sales will go to an Indian organization called WildlifeSOS, which preserves the country’s forest, wildlife, and biodiversity. 

Reminder When Purchasing Thugbirdz

For NFT enthusiasts planning to purchase their first or next Thugbirdz, the team highly discourages them from engaging in peer-to-peer transactions. 

Scams are rampant in the NFT space, and the safest option for buyers is to purchase straight from marketplaces where Thugbirdz is officially listed. 

More About Digital Eyes 

While NFT enthusiasts are already familiar with the Magic Eden and Solanart secondary marketplaces, Digital Eyes may need a bit of introduction. 

Digital Eyes is currently the third-largest Solana secondary marketplace by volume, only after Magic Eden and Solanart. 

It stamps its collections with a ‘Verifeyed’ label, which means that the Digital Eyes team has thoroughly authenticated a collection ーbut not a guarantee that its value will soar. 


ThugDAO is the collection’s own decentralized autonomous organization, which provides members with exclusive offerings, including whitelists for projects, airdrops, and giveaways. 

It was also established to support talented artists who need financial support to bring their craft to a wider audience. 

Part of its plan is to become a legal representative for the DAO’s business transactions, establish a strong token ecosystem and a legal framework behind it. 


Thugbirdz has launched an iconic line of merchandise to create a stronger sense of identity among its community. 

The collection’s iconic pixelated bird head can now be seen on its hoodies, hats, tote bags, socks, and more. 

NFT Escrow Marketplace 

The Thugbirdz team is currently developing an NFT escrow platform that will serve as an alternative to marketplaces and a part of its revenue will be funneled to the ThugDAO treasury. 

Supporting Artists 

Another goal of the DAO is to support more artists inside and outside the NFT space by launching a program that can boost their careers and showcase their talent. 

Thug Label 

While the previously mentioned program aims to support visual artists, the ‘Thug Label’ aims to support talented and independent musicians. 

The ‘Thug Label,’ which Thugbirdz claims to be the world’s first DAO-led record label, will go on a multi-genre approach and is expected to be a gamechanger in the NFT music industry.  

Thugbirdz 2022 IRL MeetUp 

The Thugbirdz team will launch a special event called Thugbirdz 2022 IRL MeetUp, which will happen on March 5, 2022, at the Big Night Live music venue in Boston, Massachusetts. 

This special event aims to build a strong community and bring Thugbirdz fans together and let them celebrate the ‘Thug’ life. 

Audius Rewarded Rap Winners With Thugbirdz NFTs 

Audius, a blockchain music streaming service, has launched a rap/vocalist competition on its platform, with 400 artists taking part in the event. 

The top 5 winners have received Thugbirdz NFTs worth $100,000 +, allowing them to have one of the most valuable digital assets in the NFT space. 

Runner-ups received valuable assets in the form of collaborative NFTs from the Thugbirdz/Audius partnership. 

Audius aims to bring a major change for musicians by providing them a platform to build their fanbase and monetize their talent. 

Thugbirdz Podcast

Thugbirdz Podcast brings the community closer to the collection with in-depth discussions about its current progress and plans. 

The community and those interested in checking out more about the collection can watch its podcast on Youtube and Twitch

Proud Owners

New Thugbirdz owners can’t help but showcase their newly-purchased birds on the collection’s official Twitter account. 

@KingSolma, one of the latest holders of Thugbirdz, has purchased THUG#0637 for 41.00 SOL, which is equivalent to $3,938. @UnchainedLabs, for its part, has purchased THUG#50 for 40.00 SOL, or $3,774. 

These latest purchases and the increasing number of Thugbirdz holders only show the growing trust and enthusiasm of the NFT community towards the collection. 


Thugbirdz aims to establish a strong community through IRL events, merchandise, podcasts, and worthy causes. 

And by investing heavily in its community, it can certainly achieve success, not only in the virtual realm but also in the real-life world as well.