Swag.live is the number one adult private platform in Asia and possibly for crypto users. With a history of providing its members the ability to use cryptocurrencies, it is a great place for crypto enthusiasts looking for great interactive adult content. 

Set up in 2017, Swag is a company that connects real models with their fans. Models create exclusive content and are then paid by their admirers to receive them. With 1.5 million registered users and up to 600 new models onboarding each month, it is certainly a hit. 

A model on Swag.live

The pay-to-view social messaging application service incentivizes fan interaction, with models getting paid for responses to messages. Not only that, but fans can get customized videos and pictures if they send gifts to the models. 

How to sign up?

Available on your phone through the Swag app or on their official website, Swag.live, the signing up process is quick and easy. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. When you enter the website you will be asked to provide your email address in order to enter.

2. Following inputting your email, the website will send you a six-digit pin code to continue the process. The verification email will give you the option to input the code or click to verify.  

3. Once you have put in the pin code or confirmed the email, Swag will then ask you to create a username, input your date of birth and your preference between male and female.

After this, you are on the site and ready to go!

The first thing you need to be aware of is that in order to view content, interact with models and use various aspects of the site, you must hold diamonds.

To purchase diamonds, you can either click on the diamond logo on the top right of the screen or go to the settings part and navigate to the buy diamonds section. There are four fiat currencies accepted — US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), and New Taiwan Dollar (NT). Cryptocurrencies are also accepted but this is a little more difficult to find. 

How to use cryptocurrencies?

You may at first be wondering, how do I use my cryptocurrencies? The option to use crypto is not available in the buy diamond section. You must go to the customer service section which can be found when clicking on this logo:

After you have done this, tell them you would like to use cryptocurrencies to buy diamonds. This process is very fast and the reply was within minutes.

The only accepted cryptocurrency is MITH tokens at the moment, following their partnership earlier this year. MITH coins are the native token for Mithril, a social media mining company created by Jeffrey Huang, an A list Asian musician from Taiwan. 

Currently, the pricing rate equates to 2320 MITH tokens for 24,999 diamonds. MITH tokens have a current price of $0.016163 USD (source: Coinmarketcap), meaning that to buy 24,999 diamonds on Swag you need to pay 37.5 US dollars. This makes it cheaper than the US dollar pricing of $49.99 on Swag for that amount of diamonds, making MITH tokens more cost-effective. 

How to buy diamonds?

After reaching out to customer service you will need to ask them how to buy. The customer service team will give you an address which in this case was: SWAG-VIP0x93Bf702f457aB8c0138A70Cd08532a350604f8B5 to send your MITH tokens. Once this is done, you need to give them your transaction ID. 

After giving your transaction ID you will be handed your diamonds. The diamonds will allow you to access many videos, message models and view exclusive content. So, what are you waiting for?  Use your Mithril tokens today and unlock the great features and exclusive X rated content.