In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, various layer-1 blockchains have had their moments in the spotlight. From the rapid ascent of Solana to the steady growth of Cardano, each has carved a unique niche in the blockchain universe. Now, it’s Avalanche’s turn to take center stage. Amidst this backdrop emerges ShibaVax ($SHIBX), a token that brings together the playfulness of meme culture with the robustness of the Avalanche network.

ShibaVax isn’t just another digital asset; it’s a testament to the continual innovation and diversity within the blockchain space, aiming to redefine user engagement and investment opportunities.


ShibaVax emerges as a pioneering meme token inspired by Shiba Inu on the Avalanche network. The inception of ShibaVax was driven by two primary goals: to bring attention to the Avalanche network’s capabilities and to introduce an innovative DeFi product for investors. A standout feature of ShibaVax is its reward system, where 10% of each transaction is automatically distributed to its holders. This mechanism offers a unique advantage, enabling investors to accumulate rewards directly in their wallets without the need to engage with any DeFi platforms.

The ShibaVax ecosystem is designed with a deflationary aspect in mind. Of the transaction fee levied, 2% is permanently burned, fostering a deflationary environment for the SHIBX token. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing the token’s long-term value. Recently, the project has gained significant traction, amassing nearly 5000 holders and registering substantial 24-hour trading volumes in the realm of several million dollars. This surge in popularity underscores the growing interest and potential of ShibaVax within the cryptocurrency community.

What is ShibaVax?

ShibaVax, stylized as SHIBX, stands as a trailblazer in the meme token category on the Avalanche network, drawing inspiration from the Shiba Inu. The token was meticulously designed to both showcase the capabilities of the Avalanche network and to introduce a distinct DeFi product to the investment community. One of the most compelling features of ShibaVax is its reward system, where holders automatically receive 10% of every transaction. This innovative approach allows investors to accrue incentives passively, as the amount of SHIBX in their wallets incrementally increases without the need for depositing tokens on any DeFi platform.

Marking its territory as one of the first meme tokens on Avalanche, SHIBX has been a pioneer in more ways than one. It was the inaugural token of its kind to reward network validators through an airdrop, laying down a model that many others in the space have since emulated. This pioneering spirit of ShibaVax reflects a commitment to not just participating in the existing DeFi landscape but also shaping and influencing its future trajectory.

What Makes ShibaVax Great?

ShibaVax distinguishes itself through several key features, making it stand out in the crowded world of digital currencies.

Community-Driven Approach One of the foundational principles of ShibaVax is its community-driven nature, emphasized by the Renounced Contract Ownership. This feature ensures that ShibaVax is a genuine community coin, free from the control of a select few individuals or groups. This democratic approach fosters a sense of ownership and involvement among all members of the ShibaVax community.

Fair Launch Mechanism A critical aspect of ShibaVax’s introduction was its fair launch mechanism, meticulously designed to deter dominance by whales and bots. Striving for equality, a small portion of the supply (1%) was allocated for airdropping to the validators of the Avalanche network. Additionally, all unclaimed tokens were burned, further underscoring the project’s commitment to fairness and equity.

Deflationary Mechanism The deflationary nature of ShibaVax is another pivotal feature. All burned tokens are sent to an inaccessible burn wallet, which is considered a top holder. This means the burn wallet also receives a proportional share of transaction rewards. With each transaction, a burn occurs, and as the burn wallet grows, this deflationary process accelerates, creating a self-reinforcing mechanism that continues indefinitely.

Holding and Earning ShibaVax operates as a reflect token, which translates into direct earnings for holders with each transaction. A 10% tax is levied on each transaction, which is then redistributed among all SHIBX holders instantly and without any transaction costs. This static reflection allows holders to witness a steady growth in their ShibaVax balance, reaping the benefits of a passive rewards system simply by holding the token.

In sum, ShibaVax’s emphasis on community involvement, fair launch, deflationary strategies, and passive rewards constructs a unique and appealing ecosystem for investors and participants alike.

SHIBX Tokenomics

ShibaVax, under the ticker $SHIBX, presents a well-structured tokenomics model, central to understanding its market dynamics and investment potential.

Total Supply The total supply of SHIBX tokens is capped at a substantial 10 billion. This fixed supply is a critical aspect of its economic framework, ensuring a balanced approach to scarcity and availability.

Airdrop Allocation In alignment with its commitment to a fair and community-focused launch, ShibaVax allocated 1% of its total supply to airdrops. This strategic distribution plays a vital role in incentivizing network validators and fostering initial engagement within the ShibaVax ecosystem.

Liquidity Provision A significant majority of the total supply, amounting to 89%, is dedicated to liquidity. This substantial allocation to liquidity is indicative of ShibaVax’s focus on ensuring smooth and efficient market transactions for its users.

Reflect Token Mechanism One of the standout features of ShibaVax is its implementation of a reflect token mechanism. Each transaction within the ShibaVax network incurs a 10% fee, which is then automatically redistributed to all SHIBX holders. This unique feature not only encourages holding as a strategy but also enables users to earn passive rewards, contributing to the overall appeal and utility of the SHIBX token.

How to Buy $SHIBX

Purchasing SHIBX, the native token of the ShibaVax ecosystem, involves a few key steps, primarily centered around setting up a compatible wallet and acquiring the necessary cryptocurrency for the transaction.

1. Installing MetaMask The first step is to install MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet. This can be done by visiting using the Google Chrome browser and downloading the MetaMask Chrome extension. Once installed, set up your wallet and configure it to operate with the Avalanche network. Detailed instructions for this setup can be found on their website.

2. Acquiring AVAX Similar to needing ETH for ERC-20 based DEX transactions or BNB for Binance Smart Chain DEX, for ShibaVax, you need AVAX. This can be purchased from centralized exchanges (CEX) like Binance or Huobi.

3. Setting Up Your AVAX Web Wallet After obtaining AVAX, the next step is to create your Avalanche wallet. Withdraw your AVAX from the exchange to this new wallet address. Upon receiving your tokens in the wallet, they need to be transferred to the X-Chain, a process detailed on their site.

4. Cross-Chain Your AVAX Once your AVAX is in the X-Chain, the next move is to send them to the C-Chain. This cross-chain process is crucial for the next step and more information on how to do this can also be found on their site.

5. Purchasing SHIBX With your AVAX in the correct chain, head over to the Baguette DEX. Here, you can swap your AVAX for SHIBX. It’s important to adjust the slippage to 11-12% to cover the 10% reflection fee inherent in the transaction.


ShibaVax ($SHIBX) represents an intriguing blend of meme token charm and the technical prowess of the Avalanche network. From its community-driven approach and fair launch to its unique tokenomics and straightforward purchasing process, ShibaVax offers an accessible gateway into the world of DeFi and blockchain. However, potential investors should tread carefully.

The world of meme coins, while often lucrative, carries inherent risks. Their success heavily relies on sustained interest and community support; without these, many meme coins face the risk of fading into obscurity. As with any investment, due diligence, caution, and informed decision-making are crucial in navigating the volatile waters of meme tokens. ShibaVax, in its essence, captures the spirit of innovation in the blockchain space, but it also serves as a reminder of the careful consideration required in the world of digital assets.