From the earliest days of blockchain, the allure of dogs has been undeniable, capturing the imagination of the crypto world. Be it the charm of Dogecoin or the surge of Shiba Inu, canine-themed tokens have consistently marked their territory across various blockchain platforms. Now, in this tradition, comes Husky Avax, carving out its niche in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Husky Avax isn’t just riding the wave of meme tokens; it’s adding its unique spin, combining community-driven initiatives with innovative NFT and DeFi solutions.


Husky Avax, emerging within the Avalanche DeFi marketspace, was founded in 2021 by a diverse team of professionals and community members. It began its journey with a token launch on May 12, 2021, followed by the introduction of its first website,, and its initial foray into merchandise with a branded hoodie and a corresponding NFT.

In the subsequent months, Husky Avax made significant strides in liquidity incentives through collaborations with platforms like ELK Finance,, and TraderJoe. The project also expanded its presence with listings on Nomics, Coin Gecko, and CoinMarketCap, and further diversified its offerings with the launch of a new website, NFT collections, and merchandising partnerships in 2021.

The year 2022 saw the finalization of the Husky whitepaper and the introduction of the official staking of Bruskies, along with the launch of ‘It’s a Tiny Husky World’. Looking forward to 2024, Husky Avax plans to expand its reach by launching an e-shop, continuing its growth and innovation in the DeFi sector.

What is Husky?

Husky Avax stands as a community-driven token native to the Avalanche blockchain. Driven by a dedicated team and an active community, its primary aim is to transform Husky Avax into a pivotal token within the thriving Avalanche NFT marketplace. The choice of Avalanche as its platform is strategic; it’s a blockchain that prides itself on security and decentralization.

Moreover, Avalanche offers the benefits of rapid, cost-effective transactions, which are also environmentally friendly. This alignment with Avalanche’s strengths positions Husky Avax as a potential key player in the expanding world of NFTs and blockchain technology.

$HUSKY Token

The $HUSKY token of Husky Avax is a significant component of its ecosystem, with a max supply capped at 100 trillion and no function to mint more. As of February 9, 2022, its circulating supply was 87,688,980,885,007. The token exists on two blockchains: Avalanche with the contract address 0x65378b697853568dA9ff8EaB60C13E1Ee9f4a654, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) at 0x52D88a9a2a20A840d7A336D21e427E9aD093dEEA. Owning $HUSKY tokens offers several direct benefits, including access to promotions on the Husky eShop and participation in DAO governance.

xHUSKY Staking

The xHusky staking program is an integral part of the Husky ecosystem. Initially, Husky token holders can exchange their tokens for xHusky tokens at a rate of 1 xHusky per 1 billion Husky tokens. The Husky team commits to purchasing Husky tokens using profits from NFT and eShop sales, which are then added to the staking contract. This mechanism is designed to gradually increase the value of xHusky over time as more Husky tokens are incorporated into the staking contract.

An attractive feature for xHusky holders is the eShop discount program. By staking xHusky tokens, holders can enjoy substantial discounts on their purchases in the Husky eShop. The scale of discounts is tiered based on the amount of xHusky staked, offering benefits like 5% off for 10 xHusky staked, up to a 50% discount, free item from each collection, and free shipping for 1000 xHusky staked. This program not only incentivizes the staking of xHusky but also enhances the shopping experience on the Husky eShop, creating a rewarding ecosystem for its community members.

How Husky Avax Helps Artists

Husky Avax stands out as a game-changer for artists seeking independence in the distribution and monetization of their work. In a traditional setting, artists often rely on middlemen or distributors, which can compromise their autonomy and earnings. Husky Avax, through its integration of NFTs, offers a transformative solution.

Direct Benefits to Artists

  • Independence in Pricing: Artists can set the exact price for their art, a freedom rarely feasible with conventional distributors. This control over pricing empowers them to value their work as they see fit.
  • Exclusive Content Release: Utilizing NFTs, artists have the unique opportunity to release exclusive content, enhancing their connection with fans and offering something truly special and collectible.
  • Earning Royalties: One of the significant advantages of NFTs in the Husky Avax ecosystem is the ability for artists to earn a percentage from future transactions of their art. This perpetual royalty system ensures artists continue to benefit from their work long after the initial sale.
  • Efficient Royalty Distribution: Smart contracts automate the distribution of royalties. For collaborative works, such as songs involving multiple artists, this means instant receipt of their share. This is a stark contrast to the traditional distribution model, where such payments can take up to a year.
  • Protection Against Piracy: The blockchain technology underlying Husky Avax ensures that every transaction is recorded and verifiable. This transparency and security mean that piracy and fraudulent activities, like buying fake streams, are significantly minimized. Consequently, every artist receives a fair share of the profit from their art sales.

Husky Shop

The Husky team is set to launch an innovative eShop, a platform where the worlds of physical merchandise and digital assets converge. This eShop is not just another online store; it represents a novel approach to purchasing and collecting items using cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency Payments: The eShop will accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, aligning with the digital currency trends.
  • NFT-Linked Items: Each item sold will be paired with a unique NFT, ensuring the authenticity of the purchase. This integration enhances the collectability and potential resale value of each item.
  • Automated Operations: Designed for high volume sales, the eShop will be fully automated, facilitating a seamless shopping experience.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: The store will feature standard merchandise alongside exclusive collections. These exclusive collections may include collaborations with key players in the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • Revenue Redistribution: Sales revenue from the eShop will be funneled back into the Husky community. This will be achieved through token buybacks, which may then be used to bolster liquidity or be burned.
  • Benefits for Token Holders: Husky Avax token holders participating in the xHusky staking system will directly benefit from the eShop’s revenue.
  • Minting Physical Items: Customers can ‘mint’ physical items in the same way they would mint a standard NFT. For instance, minting a hat would result in the generation of an NFT linked to that hat, received alongside the physical product.
  • Scannable QR Codes: Physical items will come with a scannable QR code, linking to the corresponding NFT, ensuring a unique digital footprint for each product.
  • Option for Physical Merchandise with NFTs: Future Husky NFT collections will offer the option to receive a physical item associated with the NFT purchase, blending the digital and physical realms in a unique way.

Husky DAO

In alignment with its community-centric ethos, Husky Avax is taking a significant step forward with the introduction of the Husky Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Recognizing the value of community input, the Husky team is transitioning from traditional feedback methods to a more structured and democratic approach.

  • Community Input: Previously reliant on social media polls for community opinions, Husky DAO represents a shift towards more direct and impactful community involvement.
  • Voting Rights for Token Holders: Holders of Husky and xHusky tokens are empowered with voting rights in the DAO. This allows them to actively participate in the decision-making process concerning the future trajectory of the Husky project.
  • Decision-making Power: Token holders will have a say in various critical decisions. These include the allocation of profits from sales and the direction of new projects and initiatives under the Husky umbrella.
  • Future Project Selection: Looking ahead, the Husky DAO will play a pivotal role in determining new projects to undertake, placing the decision-making power directly in the hands of the community.


While Husky Avax presents an exciting venture in the Avalanche ecosystem, it’s important for potential investors and participants to approach with caution, as is the case with any meme token. Meme tokens, despite their popularity and community appeal, often carry a higher risk due to their volatility and market sentiment-driven nature.

As with all investments in the cryptocurrency world, due diligence, comprehensive research, and a clear understanding of risk tolerance are crucial. Husky Avax, with its community focus and innovative approach, stands as a testament to the potential of meme tokens in adding value and engagement within the blockchain space, but this potential comes with the need for informed and cautious investment strategies.