The project known as “Fenghui GO” begins operation. A new report emanating from reliable source stated that the model would enable the store to operate in a more prestige community with a high density of population compared to the remote area it was originally located.

It’s made to ensure easy access to purchase as the locals can easily get imported goods in the insurance zone. Also, it ables to increase flow of goods and transaction process.

The community new retail model catches the edge that cross-border e-commerce has over traditional stores – smooth delivery and consumption upgrade.

sfexpress-fenghui-technologyAnother new development is the incorporation of blockchain source code with the ID – Haito Goods. Consumers will be required to scan the traceable QR code to reveal the product description and the logistic information for the whole process

Also, to provide a better consumer experience, all the registration process will be completed at the store. Another feature is the introduction of Alipay as a payment platform which will make payment faster, more secure and more convenient.

The blockchain technology will improve the transparency of the supply chain through third-party information monitoring. This transparency has enhanced the credibility and alleviated the industry pain encountered by cross-border commodity identity certification. Presently, Haito Goods offers top security to the shoppers.

SF has adopted “preferred city life” as its brand vision as a global and innovative online retail app and offline store. It has a goal to meet consumers’ daily needs, and it’s committed to creating a healthier, more accessible and improved urban lifestyle.


As the community store continues to spread, more durable and affordable imported products will be more accessible to consumers in Guangdong, Macau, and Hong Kong.

The “Fenghui GO” branded Community New Retail Project in partnership with Customs has a mandate to sharing the reform dividend through community store, cross-border e-commerce and door-to-door delivery of premium products.