The anonymity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has caused many claimants, the latest is Zhong Bencong. However, what is more likely is that this is merely a marketing move for Tabula Rasa.

Zhong explains the origin of the word Bitcoin

The list of purported Bitcoin creators continues to get longer with some like Craig Wright only wanting recognition while others wish to defraud unsuspecting victims.

To prove that he’s the real Satoshi, Zhong decided to follow a strange path; revealing secrets about Bitcoin through a 3-series blog post. The first part of the self-declaration included the origin of the word Bitcoin. 

According to Zhong, the word Bitcoin is derived from “Bank of credIT and COmmerce INternational.” Additionally, the registration of the domain name was registered on August 18, 2008, which coincides with the registration of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International’s domain name,, precisely a month later.

That’s not all. The second part of the 3-series blog post focuses on the name Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Zhong, the name Satoshi Nakamoto has a numerical meaning and was derived from the Chaldean, a numerological system which has a Babylonian origin

For example, the second series states that:

“Satoshi Sumita was accused of being the chief culprit of the Bank of Japan’s loose monetary policy, and Satoshi perfectly matched his nickname, Shaikho, and wanted a master when deciding on an alias. The name of the numerology, in the numerology of the Chaldeans, a person named 55 is considered capable of defeating any enemy he faces. Therefore, Satoshi + Nakamoto = 55.”

“Satoshi” loves the Chaldean system

Interestingly a good chunk of the blog post concentrates on how “Satoshi” used the Chaldean numerology system to come up with the number of pages on the Bitcoin whitepaper; Bitcoin’s launch date and Bitcoin’s 21 million capitalizations, among other aspects.

For instance, a section of the post notes:

“In short, I used the numerology of the Chaldean as a guide to determine the supply limit of 21 million Bitcoins. …21 is the total date of registration of the domain name owned by under my real name on November 21. …I used the numerology method to reach the publication date of the Bitcoin whitepaper, [and]…the creation date of the Genesis block.”

“Satoshi” did not resurrect empty-handed

But, why did “Satoshi” wait for more than a decade to show up? Well, he/she/they have not resurfaced empty-handed. In his third series of the blog post, Zhong brought into light another version of Bitcoin, Tabula Rasa, which claims improvements and holds a clearer vision for Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, with various inconsistencies being found on the 3 series blog post, it’s unlikely “Zhong” is Satoshi Nakamoto. Tabula Rasa, on the other hand, will probably be another Bitcoin fork.