PolkaFantasy is a Japanese role-playing game that features a turn-based card battle gameplay and an NFT cross-chain marketplace.

The non-fungible token (NFT) gaming industry is continuously rising, and more game creators are rolling out their games and virtual worlds, hoping to court more gamers into their fold. But since most of these games are heavily influenced by Western elements, it leaves a massive opportunity for other game developers to introduce something fresh to the competition. 

With this, a new NFT role-playing game boldly decided to infuse the rich Japanese culture into its elements to redefine today’s blockchain-based games. 


PolkaFantasy, an NFT Japanese-inspired game equipped with innovative concepts, has one of the most sought-after advantages among gaming platforms today: a team of skilled gaming veterans who have worked for the largest gaming companies in the world, including Square Enix

On top of that, its team also comprises anime production experts with long experience in Japanese animations. Their common desire to bring a breakthrough NFT game and combined expertise in games and Japanese culture would certainly be a game-changer for the industry. 

What is PolkaFantasy? 

PolkaFantasy is a Japanese role-playing game, or JRPG, which features turn-based card battle gameplay. It is also an NFT cross-chain marketplace that allows players to trade and stake on multiple chains with much ease, and above all, at a lower cost. On top of that, it facilitates peer-to-peer transactions powered by smart contracts, which means that no intermediaries are involved in this process. 

Moreover, unlike usual gaming platforms, PolkaFantasy isn’t tied to a centralized site since every operation is executed by smart contracts, making every transaction accurate, secure, and transparent. 

It can facilitate a cross-chain transfer bridge that enables it to execute NFT token transfers and contract classes for various chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

This capability directly solves the problem of scalability that limits a lot of blockchain platforms to grow and compete. 

PolkaFantasy is a seamless combination of in-game item purchases, NFT marketplace, exchange and storage, and a wallet, making it a convenient platform for gamers. 

XP Token 

XP, which stands for Experience Point, is the native token of PolkaFantasy and serves as a transferable representation of governance and utility functions specified under the platform’s protocol/code. 

It is a functional utility token designed to be a decentralized medium of exchange between the players of PolkaFantasy. XP Token aims to provide an easy and secure mode of payment and settlement for all players to make the platform a secure and sustainable ecosystem for every gamer. 

The token also provides incentives for all players who contribute to the ecosystem’s further growth and development through participating in games, marketing events, and other activities. 

These incentives create a win-win environment where both sides, the platform, and the users, benefit from each other. 

XP also allows holders to participate in PolkaFantasy’s on-chain governance by providing them the opportunity to vote on the platform’s future features. 

It can also be utilized by platform users to vote for their favorite artists, increase their exposure, and eventually help them attain stardom. 

Other Benefits of XP Tokens 

  • Access to exclusive sales and rewards 
  • NFT collection upgrade 
  • XP staking that generates returns 

XP Token Purchase on UniSwap V2 

  1. Go to this link to launch the UniSwap V2 app 
  1. Click the “Connect to a Wallet” button located on the top-right corner of the exchange platform. Please make sure that the wallet network is set to the Ethereum Network. UniSwap’s supported wallets are MetaMask, Coinbase, Portis, and Fortmatic. 
  1. Enter the token pairs that need to be swapped. 
  1. For the top of the swap, choose USDT or ETH because this will be the purchasing currency. For the bottom of the swap, paste the XP contract address, which can be found on this link, and add it to the swap. 
  1. Choose the desired amount of XP that will be purchased in USDT or ETH, click the settings icon to check the slippage, and if everything is fine, click ‘Swap.’ 
  1. Confirm gas fees. 

Quick reminders: First, do not merely search ‘XP’ when searching for the XP token to avoid the risk of interacting with a fraudulent token. Second, ensure that Uniswap V2 is the platform being used in the trading transaction to ensure that every step can go smoothly. 

XP Token Listed on MEXC Global 

XP Token has finally been listed on one of the leading and most trusted exchanges in the world, the MEXC Global. Through this official listing, PolkaFantasy will open new opportunities for investors to purchase, sell, and trade XP tokens on a highly secured platform that offers high liquidity in crypto pairs. 

XP Token Can Now Be Staked At MoonFarm 

PolkaFantasy has collaborated with MoonFarm, a DeFi and Centralized hybrid yield farming aggregator, which would open staking opportunities for XP holders. 

It will open three separate pools with various lock-in periods and reward allocations which will start operating on November 18, 2021. 

PolkaFantasy NFT Wallet 

The PolkaFantasy NFT Wallet allows users to collect and display their NFT collections seamlessly. And they can also sort their digital assets by categories to make everything organized and appealing. 

NFTs acquired by players can also be listed on PolkaFantasy, which will provide a wider selection for interested buyers and allow players to earn from their digital assets. 


PolkaFantasy’s marketplace, as mentioned earlier, is equipped with cross-chain capabilities, which provide users with expanded opportunities when it comes to trading and staking their assets. 

Apart from that, it is specifically made to cater to the Japanese animation, comics, and game market, more commonly known as ACG culture. 

The marketplace brings together various artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts from different parts of the world to establish a one-stop-shop of everything that is digital ACG. 

Gradual Implementation of Blockchains 

PolkaFantasy plans to gradually implement Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cardano, Solana, and Polygon on its platform thanks to their excellent features, including security, scalability, and functionality. 

All these blockchains have their advantages and limitations, but in general, each one of them can help PolkaFantasy to be a more secure and immersive platform for both investors and players. 

Take, for example, the Polkadot blockchain; it is designed for scaling blockchain gaming and NFTs and solves significant problems found in Ethereum, including delayed transactions, lack of community governance, and above all, transaction throughput. 

When applied to PolkaFantasy’s platform, each of these blockchains would be very beneficial to the entire ecosystem’s advancement. Furthermore, being a multi-chain gives an immense advantage in the sense that no matter which blockchain dominates in the future, the platform won’t be negatively affected.

Will PolkaFantasy Have A Burning Mechanism? 

As of now, the platform doesn’t plan to implement any burning mechanism as its token supply only amounts to 200 million tokens, which is very low in the blockchain industry’s standards. With this low supply, there is no need to control the quantity of XP tokens, and PolkaFantasy’s system is designed not just to tap but also to maximize the utility of its token. 

It also has a robust business model to maintain a strong demand for its token and even make it more attractive to investors. 

How Does PolkaFantasy Keep Its Platform Safe? 

Reputable and professional audit firms will audit the gaming platform’s smart contracts. On top of that, it has a tech team dedicated to monitoring its system 24/7 to identify and solve unexpected cyber problems immediately. 

Roadmap: A Quick Look 

November 2021 January 2022 Q2 2022 
Games NFT Integration Binance Smart Chain Integration Official Launch 
Guild Land Battle Beta 
Jobs System 

PolkaFantasy Partners 


PolkaFantasy’s fresh concept, a team of gaming and animation experts, a clear plan to develop its platform, and a big market to tap into, will enable it to position itself as a strong competitor in the highly competitive industry of blockchain gaming.