Okay Bears is a Solana-based collection composed of 10,000 algorithmically-generated bears that has created some of the most powerful brands to date.

Who knew that bears, crypto’s greatest enemy, could also become the number one non-fungible token (NFT) collection in all of Solana. While traditional media has always seen bears as cute, as evidenced by all the merchandise, cartoon shows, games, etc., in crypto, nobody wants the market to be bearish, which is why apes and bulls are the common mascots. But Okay Bears has changed the perceptions of bears forever.

This one Solana collection has capitalized on these furry creatures’ popularity and has surprisingly achieved record-breaking success, creating history in the NFT industry. 


The ‘Okay Bears’ team is geared up with diversified expertise, which includes graphic design, computer science, UX and UI web development, branding, engineering, and blockchain project management. 

The team members came together not just to create a successful NFT collection but to establish an active and vibrant community in the Solana space. 

What is Okay Bears? 

Okay Bears is a Solana-based collection composed of 10,000 algorithmically-generated bears equipped with interesting utilities that led to a fast-growing and very supportive community. 

These utilities include exclusive IRL events, merch drops, outdoor campaigns, and other opportunities powered by collaborations with global brands. 

Breaking Records on Solana and OpenSea 

The collection, which was launched last April 26, 2022, with a mint price of 1.5 SOL ($147), was immediately sold out. 

It has grown in popularity and value in such a short time that, as of this writing, each Okay Bear is now valued at almost 90 SOL ($8,850) 

When the bears landed on OpenSea for secondary trading, over 187,500 SOL (around $ 18.5 million) flowed into the marketplace in just 24 hours, a clear indication of NFT collectors’ excitement over Okay Bears.

To put this feat into perspective, this achievement made Okay Bears the most-traded NFT collection in 24 hours in Solana to date. 

Major Components of the Okay Bears 

Bear Market 

The Bear Market is the hub of Okay Bear’s web2, web3, and IRL sales channels with exclusive merchandise powered by some of the world’s biggest brands. 

This hub has also partnered with Magic Eden marketplace, which would allow holders to either buy or sell Okay Bears, unlocking their assets’ value in the fastest way possible. 

It has also collaborated with Shopify, one of the biggest names in the e-commerce industry, to provide Okay Bears holders with exclusive merchandise.

Aside from these great offerings, it will set up what’s called “flash pop-up stores” in various cities around the world and at major tech and crypto conferences to reach out to more people. 


The Workshop aims to infuse corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the Okay Bears community by initiating public awareness and community engagement projects. 

It was also created to help the Okay Bears community launch effective and far-reaching brand outreach campaigns on Twitter and other major social media platforms. 

Included in its major responsibilities are setting up outdoor advertising, which includes commercial video placements, subway and bus ads, billboards, and unconventional yet effective guerilla marketing. 


The Studio helps the Okay Bears community create “Lo-Fi” albums and publish them on Spotify. 

Lo-Fi is a musical style infused with deliberate imperfections and low-quality recordings, which is the perfect opposite of perfectly polished mainstream music. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, this was considered more authentic and soulful music than professional music releases. 

The Studio also provides immersive wallpaper art drops that can help the community express their individuality and Okay Bears short tales that give in-depth personalities to the bears. 


‘The Park’ is Okay Bear’s other term for its Discord channel, a space created purely for chilling and strengthening the community. 

This is a space that minimizes or completely eliminates topics regarding business and sales, which is a much-needed place for the community to relax and enjoy the company of like-minded people. 


The Gallery features the entire 10,000 Okay Bears collection for the community to marvel at and remember why they chose to be part of the community in the first place. 

It also displays Okay Bears fan arts which provides a big opportunity for community members to showcase their artistic talent and love for the collection. 

Apart from these things, it also launches exhibits in major cities worldwide to bring important messages about global issues through NFT art creations. 


The Boutique creates high-quality physical merchandise, collectibles, accessories, and prints for Okay Bears to expand their popularity in the real world. 

The Okay Bears holders had the first taste of these items as they were given with exclusive ‘Bear’-branded items as a complimentary gift for their support.  

3D craftwork and concept art prints will also be rolled out, but these items will only be available for the NFT holders. 

But separate items will also be made for non-holders to let everyone experience the Okay Bears culture and be encouraged to be an active part of the community. 

And as part of its brand awareness campaign, Okay Bears will also partner with world-renowned lifestyle, fashion, and sports brands to further expand its popularity. 


The Platform was created to bring the spirit of leadership and innovation among Okay Bears holders through keynotes, conferences, and meetups. 

It features some of the biggest leadership icons in various industries, especially in the NFT space, to strengthen the leadership aspects of the ‘Bears’ holders. 

Also, it has partnered with ‘The Honeypot,’ an incubator that invests in start-up concepts, to fund initiatives with the highest potential of growing the Okay Bears brand and its offerings. 


What we love about Okay Bears is its community-centered offerings, which are all designed to provide satisfaction and value to its army of supporters, especially its holders. And the collection’s long list of interesting and truly valuable utilities makes it one of the most attractive assets in the Solana space.