Leading scaling and interoperability solution nahmii is coming to NEO in 2020, following an agreement signed last week. Bringing increased throughput, lower fees and faster transactions to NEO, nahmii will also act as a bridge between NEO and ETH. With plans to port nahmii to NEO and Bitcoin, this will provide interoperability between three of the largest blockchains.

NEO-Ethereum-Bitcoin Interoperability

The nahmii protocol is a layer-2 scaling solution for blockchains, which has been live on Ethereum since December 2018. The protocol uses smart contracts to manage on-chain transactions, with the majority of transactions moved off-chain to a much faster second layer. This dual-architecture allows nahmii to be easily ported to other smart contract-enabled blockchains, like NEO and Bitcoin (via Rootstock).

Once nahmii is live on NEO, it will allow for seamless atomic swaps between ETH and NEO and their respective tokens. Bitcoin interoperability is also coming to nahmii, via Rootstock, and will go live in 2020. With nahmii now coming soon to three major platforms, it will provide genuine interoperability across blockchains for the first time.

Boosting Performance

Alongside interoperability, nahmii will also improve NEO’s native performance. Transactions on nahmii’s layer-2 are incredibly fast, with minimal latency and immediate finality. Even better, the protocol can handle thousands of transactions per second with predictable, low fees.

According to hubii CEO Jacobo Toll-Messia:

‘We are delighted to be working with NEO to deliver blockchain interoperability at scale. Through nahmii, NEO users will enjoy unrivalled performance and connectivity bringing NEO and Ethereum together seamlessly for the first time. Developers across multiple platforms, NEO, Ethereum and Bitcoin, will soon be able to use a single interface to build products on many blockchains. This is the future of interoperability and it starts with nahmii.’

Sarah Song, Ecosystem Growth Manager of NEO Global Development, said: “The porting of nahmii smart contracts to NEO will help NEO to improve its scalability and interoperability, which is a big plus to the development of massive adoption on NEO. We look forward to the successfully going live of nahmii’s solution on NEO.”