Monkai is a multi-chain NFT project that runs on Ethereum and Solana that aims to provide innovative utility, community building, and an epic PVP metaverse.

For most people today, anime is more than just hand-drawn or computer animation. Although it only became mainstream in Japan in the 1980s, the rise of anime has gone far beyond expectations, with global viewers pouring in. It became a cultural phenomenon, an interest, a hobby, and above anything else—a life.

Since anime marked a unique sense of purpose for people, its advancement was never stagnant but progressive. It extends itself, reaching the Monkai metaverse, bringing the physical world to the web3 space. With anime and non-fungible token (NFT) together, a new adventure is ready to unfold.


The Monkai project team is headed by Josh, commonly known as “Brains” in the world of NFTs. He worked on numerous NFT projects, but his dream was to make his own. Anime and Japanese-inspired content were always on his mind. Thus, it became his reason to pursue making collections about them. Josh and his team finally decided to make a project focusing on art, lore, and aesthetics. Additionally, the team’s goal is to create a liquid token, enabling the users to utilize it differently. The combination of goals and dreams led to the creation of Monkai.

What is Monkai?

Monkai is a multi-chain NFT project that runs on Ethereum and Solana that aims to provide innovative utility, community building, and an epic PVP metaverse. Monkai holders can gain access to the Monkai decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The project team is set to release the first collection of Monkai NFTs on the 26th of July 2022 at the OpenSea marketplace. The NFTs are drawn showing their side profile with a mysterious vibe surrounding them. Most of them are animated drawings, adding a more remarkable effect that holders will surely appreciate.


The Monkai project has already started, but it still has numerous plans. Its current roadmap comprises three parts with detailed plans for the overall community. The first mint is focused on breeding, staking, anime, token, and the Monkai mint pass. The second mint involves a liquidity pool, charitable events, and Monkai DAO. Lastly, the third minting has the most growth focus as it includes the release of the anime, staking improvements, a multi-chain marketplace, and many more. The Monkai project completed the 10% milestone and is currently working on its following plans. 

Multi-Chain Perks

The community experiences the first multi-chain project with Monkai, but it does not stop there. There are four main advantages the community can look forward to when the project has fully been deployed:


Holders having two or more Monkai NFTs are eligible to breed them to make a new and unique one. Breeding is a way for holders to create NFTs that can be special to them. It also allows them to earn tokens. 


The project team designed the NFTs the best they could for the community. Legendary Monkai holders will be given prints of their NFTs. In this way, they can enjoy their art piece.

Reward Holders

Individuals with three or more Monkai NFTs qualify for a free NFT. It is only one of the many rewards the project plans to provide the community and holders who showed their support.


The project team allows the holders to earn tokens passively by staking their Monkai NFTs. Its page shows transparency by providing information such as total staked, rewards, and the claiming date. The community is also offered a choice of whether to use Ethereum or Solana.

Monkai Projects

The Monkai team observed that numerous NFT collections lack interesting concepts that would keep their community interested and growing. Monkai takes advantage of this situation, making its content rich with lore, aesthetically-designed character, and dynamic stories to share. It also includes the plan of giving their holders different utilities that would keep them captivated. 

The First Phase

The first Monkai phase is driven by the mission to give back to the community. It involves individuals buying a Monkai, allowing them to redeem tokens weekly with a chance to participate in raffles, breed, and swap. NFT holders can also earn the $MONKAI token and have access to its DAO. The team ensures that the staking of NFTs and tokens will work smoothly by preparing Ethereum and Solana technologies.


One of the project’s goals is to create a liquid token on both ETH and SOL, making the holders have flexible decisions. NFT holders can get a $MONKAI token in three ways: staking, swapping on Raydium and playing the planned web3 game. The team also plans to integrate the multi-chain token in the ecosystem that holders can use to buy goods like physical pieces, the web3 liquidity program, or game currency.


Monkai pushes the development of its play-to-earn game, encouraging players to work together using buffs and strategies. Its concept lets players think and outsmart their rivals while enjoying the game’s visuals and storyline. The leaderboards are also present to acknowledge players who strive to reach the top. Lastly, to improve the community, the game will allow players to access different features: text channels, swapping, gifting, and friend lists.


Monkai NFTs will have generations, each with their own stories to tell. The first generation is set to happen in Japan during the Edo period. Its plot introduces the tension between two bloodlines: Yokai and Monkai. The project team is also considering releasing the story in comics and creating an anime based on the plot.

Monkai Utilities

Monkai is not only about anime but a whole different world when combined with the metaverse. To keep the project alive and growing, it has six various utilities that allow the community to experience the metaverse and anime with Monkai.

What are the Benefits of Monkai Participation?

Monkai officially launched its web3 technology with a focus on growth. In this way, the project can attract a community willing to provide them with constant support and love. To reward individuals who believed in the project early, they will be given Genesis passes; access to Monkai, Ethereum, and Solana ecosystems; a chance to participate in events and programs; and access to exclusive art materials. These benefits serve as a way to acknowledge the community’s contribution in helping them make this project happen. 


Anime is already common in the market but making it an NFT makes Monkai an interesting project. These Monkai NFTs are not only developed to please the owner’s eyes. Instead, the project was created with a new advantage to offer—the first multi-chain NFT on ETH, SOL, and NEAR. Monkai has only begun completing its initial plans, and the community has so much more to see with its new developments in mind waiting to be released.