Ledger Nano X is the latest state of the art cryptocurrency hardware wallet from the Ledger. This device certainly has some of the best performance and protection features in the market. Distinct, the wallet comes with convenient smartphone support, a larger screen, and simplicity of use. Further, the wallet is sophisticated and supports multi-trading ad app mobility.

In this review, let’s focus on these distinguishing features in detail. Key consideration includes security, hardware design, cryptocurrency support and comparison with other hardware wallets. 

Features of the Ledger Nano X:

  1. A larger clear screen – The screen allows you to navigate your wallet seamlessly and see cryptocurrency addresses without scrolling.
  2. Mobile support –the wallet facilitates Android and iOS using Ledger live mobile.
  3. The drive has broader coin support and you can install up to 100 different apps.
  4. A rechargeable battery that makes the device more usable.

Security Features

Robust security has always been an asset for Ledger wallets. Ledger Nano X takes this to an even higher level. Ledger Nano X comes with two chips as well as a new Secure Element. Moreover, the wallet utilizes dual-core MCUs with their wireless support.

To be specific, the secure element ST33J2M0 is independently certified and allows you to store private keys and sign transactions. A secure element essentially refers to separate pieces of hardware that come with their own storage. 

The secure element provides a double layer of security protection. Besides, they each have limited functionality rendering them virtually impossible and counterproductive to hack. Accordingly, even in the event that you connect the wallet to a compromised device, the private keys are not accessible. The secure element is a distinguishing feature from devices like Trezor Model T. The latter has only a single layer of security.

To actually secure the wallet, the user needs a pin and a recovery passphrase. A thief can therefore not access all your funds even in the event that they gain access to the PIN. This is because you can efficiently hide the bulk of your crypto assets behind the passphrase. 

Ledger Nano X Teardown

Incidentally, Ledger Nano X uses the same BOLOS operating system as the Ledger Nano S. The Bolos OS ensures the user’s views address properly on the screen and handles connections to external devices.

Notable, Nano X also has Bluetooth support. Bluetooth capabilities for a hardware wallet are certainly not a foolproof convenience. This is because you can incur attacks through this avenue. Regardless, Ledger Nano X developers ensured that even in the event the connection is compromised, the hacker cannot operate the hardware wallet. You only turn on Bluetooth when you need it and there is no risk of funds loss.

Multi-Currency Support

Ledger Nano X is extremely versatile because you can have up to 100 applications running simultaneously. This means that the wallet can support over 1,100 digital assets and they increase by the month.

Accordingly, this wallet supports even wallets like VeChain and NEO that competitors like Trezor Model T and KeepKey. Accordingly, you can be sure that pretty much every coin compatible with Ledger Nano S works with the Nano The upgrade on Nano S that is particularly useful is space for installed applications. 

Ledger Nano X increases internal memory and developers claim it can support up to 100 different apps simultaneously. This allows the apps to even retain their accounts and cryptocurrency balances while running Nano X. The only slight inconvenience is that you have to enter each app separately. This is something that is unnecessary for Trezor Model T.

Hardware Design

The wallet has an intuitive design with two hardware buttons. The buttons are uniquely located in the circular design of the cover pivot making the quite inconspicuous. Using these two buttons, you can access the menu by holding both buttons.  

Additionally, you can press both buttons to make selections and input recovery phrases. That said, entering PINs and recovery phrases using buttons is definitely tedious in comparison with a touch large screen.

That said, the larger and higher resolution screen is great. You can displace full cryptocurrency addresses without scrolling unlike Nano S. In addition to that, you use the modern USB type C to connect to your PC or laptop. This cable is better for wear and tear and ensures that the hardware wallet is in pristine condition.


Nano X is a truly mobile wallet. This essentially means that you can seamlessly operate the wallet from anywhere.  You don’t necessarily need a computer to manage your crypto.

Moreover, the connectivity with mobile devices is a huge bonus. Users can make transactions on the go with the Ledger live app on mobile. As such, the wallet can have very situational utility in comparison with other mobile wallets. 

However, the developers need to work on making on the go payments more convenient as it is tedious. This is because you need to unlock the device, enter the cryptocurrency app, check and confirm the transactions. 

For small transactions like a coffee purchase, it beats the purpose. This is, therefore, a trade-off you incur while using Nano X. Regardless, it offers a great amount of compatibility and on go usage.

Why You Should Upgrade

The wallet comes at a price of approximately $119. This is definitely a premium price and probably not best for a budget user. 

Nonetheless, convenience features like a larger screen, app support and address display swing the tide in its favor. 

For a user to whom these features are important, the upgrade is worthwhile. Alternatively, its lesser version, albeit more budget-friendly version, the Ledger Nano S, is still available for $59.

Ledger Nano X Compared to Other Hardware Wallets

The best wallet to compare Ledger Nano X to is Trezor Model T. Both are the premium products from the respective manufacturers. Trezor Model T features a great touch screen that makes entering the PIN and security phrases. 

That said, Model T supports significantly fewer coins meaning that Nano X is more versatile in this domain. Let’s take a look at a few hardware wallets for comparison.

WalletLedger Nano X Trezor Model TKeepKeyLedger Nano S
Price$119 About $170$99$59
Launch year2019201820152016
Currency supportGreat, 1,100+, up to 100 applicationsGreat, over 1000 supported assetsLower support, about 40 different assets.Great support, 1000+ coins,3-18 applications
ConnectionUSB type CUSB type CUSB type BUSB type B

Ledger Nano X Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Ultimately, the question you have to ask is whether your range of uses merits investment in the wallet. The versatile wallet certainly offers excellent security and coin support. 

As such, these strengths make this wallet a viable option for any active investor. Using the wallet you can manage your digital assets and access decentralized exchange browser support. In summary, it has very competitive market utility.

Technical Specifications

Ledger Nano X has the following product specifications: 

  • Its dimensions are 72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm with a weight of 34 grams.
  • The wallet uses ST33J2M0 (secure) + STM32WB55 processors.
  • Ledger Nano X is compatible with 64-bits desktop computer (Windows 8+, MacOS 10.8+, Linux) excluding ARM. Moreover, it works seamlessly with smartphones iOS 9+ or Android 7+).
  • The drive uses USB Type-C connector; Bluetooth 5.0 co.
  • Battery-100 milliamperes.
  • The wallet supports 1100+ assets.