Larix is the ideal metavseres-based lending portal on Solana with a dynamic interest rate model.

For aficionados of science fiction, the idea of the metaverse is not new. It did, however, become more widespread in 2021. But what is it?

A metavseres is a virtual environment centered on digital avatars where users can interact, play games, and engage in experiences similar to those they would have in the real world. There are many reasons why experts think the metaverse will be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry. Thanks to this, some developers of finance protocols based their projects on metaverses, like Larix.


Larix is Solana‘s first Metaverse-based Finance Protocol, with a dynamic interest rate model and more capital-efficient risk management pools. As a result, a diverse range of collateral kinds, including crypto tokens, stablecoins, synthetic assets, NFTs, and other assets, can be completed and securely utilized in this protocol. Additionally, the rewarding system, which is based on a carefully constructed token economy, allows for constant incentive allocation to increase demand.

The team behind Larix, encouraged and inspired by the Solana team, is determined to take on the task and opportunity to construct it – the lending gateway of Solana, Raydium, and Serum. Larix enables rapid loans by using pool-based collaterals and a dynamic ratio optimizer.

What is Larix?

Larix is the ideal lending portal on Solana, with a dynamic interest rate model and the creation of more capital-efficient risk management pools and other types of assets that can be fully utilized securely. Larix is also regarded as the most secure platform for users. Furthermore, loaning is an infrastructure for committed token holders who are confident in the token’s value and wish to earn APY interest in the long run in addition to value growth.

The reward system is built on a well-constructed token economy, which allows for constant incentive allocation to promote genuine demand. The ecosystem’s enhanced “Compound” and “MakerDAO” will accept a diverse range of collateral types. The deposit and lending model evolved into conventional banking to reward surplus capital with interest.

The lending protocol is a critical component of any decentralized finance (Defi) ecosystem. Defi lending platforms make loans to borrowers without the use of middlemen, allowing participants on both sides to earn stablecoins or cryptocurrencies. Effective decentralized applications (DApps) have the fastest rate of TVL growth in the lending industry and are the most common contributors to crypto asset locking via smart contracts.

Larix’s Roadmap

Since its launch, the Larix team has been working on the development of the finance protocol as it is the first Metaverse-based finance protocol on Solana.

Phase 1

Larix commences by addressing the fundamental requirements of automated bitcoin lending on Solana. Crypto tokens, stablecoins, and synthetic assets are being used as collateral at this time.

To manage liquidity and avert a “Bank Run,” Larix employs a dynamic interest rate model. Larix relies on liquidity pools that span many coins. The carefully constructed interest rate mechanism incentivizes both borrowers and lenders by paying them with Larix tokens, the platform’s native asset. Larix will be introduced to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) via voting and governance tokens. Changes to mortgage criteria, the addition or removal of collateral tokens, and special acceleration in select mining pools might all be decided by DAO proposal voting.

Phase 2

Collaboration with the PYTH network to connect high-fidelity (HiFi) financial markets to the realm of Defi, allowing for greater capital usage of a broader spectrum of conventional financial assets. Furthermore, term loans and Initial Lending Offerings (ILO) enable projects in the Solana ecosystem to raise funding through token-backed debt finance.

Phase 3

The protocol broadens the collateral pool by accepting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and enabling peer-to-peer lending across all asset classes. All precious assets in our digital wallets should find their locations as collateral to release liquidity. In 2021, superstars such as Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and the Weeknd’s genesis nifty collection helped NFTs acquire appeal.

Eventually, tokenized ABS and wrapped NFTs, which act as a bridge between real-world assets and digital assets, will have their moment to shine. Accounts receivable factoring, invoicing, mortgages, and student loans, for example, are all looking for more flexible financing solutions from the digital capital market. DeFi lending is the ideal mechanism for delivering safe, customizable, and nearly immediate liquidity. Larix is collaborating with several partners in this field to fuel the real economy.

The perks for staking Radium LPs are divided into two categories.

1. Raydium Rewards

Normally, an LP charge and a token incentive are offered. This portion of the earnings is automatically reinvested; no action is required on your part. When you withdraw LP tokens from Raydium, you will receive the LP fee share of the incentive. The token payouts are auto-reinvested, thus your LP supply balance will increase.

2. Larix Rewards

Under typical situations, LARIX tokens will be awarded. Other tokens may be awarded during a dual mining event, and they will be sent to your wallet every 24 hours. The rewarded Larix tokens can be claimed in the upper right corner of the Larix Dashboard.

Larix Pool

The Larix pool has 4 assets: LARIX, USDT, USDC, and SOL. You can earn dynamic APY interest by supplying those tokens. Upon supplying assets and earning APY on them, you can borrow against them because the supplied assets are utilized as collateral for borrowing.

Larix Distribution

Upon supplying assets and earning APY on them, you can borrow against them because the supplied assets are utilized as collateral for borrowing.

The [Mining & Pool Reserve] is divided into three sections to cover the three project phases for five years. By design, 20% of the tokens are used for mining to increase the APY of borrowing and lending. 10% and 25% of tokens are used to incentivize efforts under Phase 2 and Phase 3 business planning, respectively. The precise allocation of tokens among the three phases may vary depending on market conditions and product roll-out.


Larix is one of the preferable finance protocols on Solana. Thanks to its Metaverse-based features, users can stay up to date on what is happening on the crypto verse. Furthermore, registered token holders of Larix who wanted to make a loan on the protocol can have rewards that allow for constant incentive allocation to promote genuine demand. These perks can contribute to Larix’s outstanding growth in the long run.