Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, has caused a buzz in the crypto community after cancelling his lunch with Warren Buffett. However, crypto enthusiasts questioned his reason to cancel the meeting.

Sun has claimed that he was suffering from kidney stones. Unfortunately, that was not the only suggestion of Justin’s whereabouts. A Chinese media outlet reported that Tron’s founder was being detained in China.

Sun involved with illegal stuff in China

According to the Chinese media outlet, Sun was involved in illegal fundraising and gambling, money laundering, and being involved with pornographic materials. Sun, using his Weibo account, refuted the claims stating that Tron operates from Singapore. However, Justin, clarified, Tron was once based in China before the Chinese authorities banned cryptocurrency activities in 2017. During this time, Tron cooperated with authorities and relocated from China.

Still, Chinese citizens blamed him for watching while they were being conned in Tron’s name. According to the citizens, a Ponzi-like scheme under the name ‘Wave Field Super Community,’ started operating in China alleging that it had connections with Wave Field (the Chinese name for Tron). However, Sun, seemingly knowing, warned them when it was too late. The victims questioned why the Ponzi scheme stopped operating a day after Sun warned them considering it had been in operation for roughly seven months.

From San Francisco, Justin is “very safe”

To help and control the temperatures in the crypto community, Tron conducted a live video from San Francisco in the United States. In the video, Sun noted that “he is very safe at the moment.”

Interestingly, while announcing the lunch cancellation, he said:

“Thanks to friends from all walks of like for concern, I was in the hospital for sudden kidney stones treatment …The current physical condition is stable, and it is in the recovery period, I can’t accept the interview. Please forgive me. Will soon meet the outside world.”

Is Sun hiding behind kidney stones?

However, considering the turn of events and Sun’s inconsistent responses, it suggests he was not ill and canceled the lunch for other reasons best known to himself. For example, in his live video, he said he’s “very safe.” Additionally, Sun said he operates from Singapore; hence, his response of “will soon meet the outside world.” Sources familiar with Sun’s predicaments in China indicated that the Chinese government had subjected him to border control. Luckily, at the time, the Tron founder was already in San Francisco. Reportedly, having a case over his head in China, Sun decided to keep a low profile by not attending Buffett’s charity lunch in New York. However, to cover up, Sun cited ‘kidney stones.’