Iran and Afghanistan could illustrate the way that Bitcoin can revolutionize the lives of those in third world countries, according to a report from 8BTC.

The piece highlights the role of ‘Safaris’, people in the countries of Afghanistan and Iran who are traffickers that exchange money. and transfer funds. These rogue businesses are stiff competition to banks and are often better value for money compared to other more official payment channels.

Now it appears that these Safaris are moving into the modern way and have begun accepting bitcoin coupons. A paper coupon offers a way to buy bitcoin in cash – people pay cash, get redemption vouchers, and enter the redemption code on the exchanger’s web page.

Bitcoin in this sense could provide a lifeline for those in third world countries that may not have a stable currency as bitcoin in their home nation and could be under pressure should they wish to exchange or send money.

In countries like Afghanistan, where they are in the grips of an ongoing war and is a state that can be crippled economically in the blink of an eye, bitcoin coupons can be a great alternative to traditional methods of financing. The bitcoin method could also ward off any counterfeiting.

Bitcoin coupons are on the rise too. The French Tobacco Industry Association and cryptocurrency wallet supplier KeplerK plans to launch a partnership to sell bitcoin coupons at 4,000 small tobacco stores nationwide, with coupons of 50, 100 and 250 euros.

Most importantly though, it provides people who may not have an internet connection at home and might trust their local shopkeeper or ‘Safaris’ more than their laptop, an opportunity to connect with the cryptocurrency space.