DeFi is hot right now; with more and more companies and investors looking to get involved, DxSale Network is looking to make that journey as smooth as possible with one-stop building and launching of DeFi tokens and more.

Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, can be a scary place for new investors. DxSale Network is working to make the journey into DeFi as simple as possible for newcomers and veterans alike. To make this possible, DxSale has integrated the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchains to create the first launchpad with three distinct chains in one place and is working on adding more chains as the project develops. 

DxSale launched in 2020; its goal is to be a one-stop-shop for tokenization and fund-raising, putting the entire process on one platform. DxSale does this by offering a suite of products and features through their DxSale Network website: DxStake, DxLaunch, DxLock, DxSwap, and DxFarm.

“Built from scratch and with scalability in mind, every phase of the token journey is a dApp,” DxSale wrote on the platform’s account. “That is interconnected and works with each other, resulting in the best DAO in the market.”

The Token journey that DxSale refers to, is the minting or importing of a custom token, followed by raising capital using that token, locking the token, and finally listing the token on a decentralized exchange. The catch is it’s done automatically through smart contracts.

Entering the DeFi market with as few hoops as possible is very important for new businesses and users. Why is this important? There is a perceived notion that decentralized Finance and, by extension, cryptocurrency is confusing and difficult to get involved in. Having to jump between platforms only perpetuates this narrative; DxSale addresses these concerns by keeping the whole process in the DxSale ecosystem. 

Investors who are interested in participating in token pre sales will be able to find token sale listings on DxSale’s DxLaunchpad and DeFiLaunchpad. Getting started with the DxSale launchpads is as simple as connecting a MetaMask account. Once connected, users can navigate the DxSale platform and the suites.

What sets DxSale Network apart from the competition is there is no minimum token holding or whitelisting requirement to use the platform. DxSale is positioning itself to be the perfect place for users of all experience levels to get their feet wet in the world of decentralized Finance. This is true as the platform is receiving a lot of new investors and developers using their platform to build and launch defi projects. 

With over 80 sales in a month and more than $100M TVL, DxSale is looking like its bet has paid off.