On November 27, Taiwan-based Formosa Financial announced the signing of a second private beta client, AQWIRE, a blockchain-based property listing platform project run by QWIKWIRE. The company is attempting to streamline and simplify the process of securely purchasing international properties by moving all parties onto a single, hassle-free and user-friendly online platform. They also plan to offer buyers and sellers options in cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. It’s an exciting and potentially revolutionary step in the world’s journey to greater connectedness, utilizing blockchain’s innovative portfolio such as smart contracts to ensure security as well as ease.

Lorne Lantz, CTO of Formosa Financial, and the AQWIRE team

The partnership acts as further proof of Formosa’s growing influence and clout in the emerging cryptocurrency industry. AQWIRE will be taking advantage of Formosa’s flexibility and reach. With their crypto assets in safe hands, AQWIRE will be able to focus on building up their exciting and unique digital platform.

By signing with Formosa, AQWIRE also proves the diversity and potential of blockchain technology, as well as the need for effective asset management in the future as the industry grows. As new clients join the Formosa network, the world sees that these amazing innovations apply to multiple industries, and they may wonder when blockchain will be coming along to change their world. What they can be sure of is that when it does, Formosa Financial will be there to assist in effective crypto asset management with their platform of treasury management services.

To take a more macro view, this news also helps tell the story of Taiwan’s journey to becoming a regional, even global center of cryptocurrency– and blockchain-based industries. Its open and tolerant environment contrasts greatly neighboring countries’ relative hostility and fear towards these emerging fintech products. By the time mainland China and South Korea decide to get on the train, Taiwan will likely be many stations ahead, engaged in a decentralized, secure and innovative future powered by blockchain, with companies like Formosa Financial taking center stage.