To some, spending $200 on anything that is not a video game can be considered to be a waste of money. In contrast, others feel $100K not even enough to feed their virtual gaming experiences. The latter is the case for a gamer who spent more than $100,000 to purchase a cryptocurrency collectible F1 racing car. The car belongs to a blockchain game developed by the famous Formula one racing; F1 Delta Time game.

The virtual car is one of a kind among the range of virtual cars provided by Formula 1 on the cryptocurrency collectible game. Fortunately, the high value comes with all the powers a real F1 car would pose to allow its owner to have the ‘king’ feeling when interacting with other racers on F1 Delta Time game.

416 ETH spent

In terms of its Ethereum (ETH) equivalent, the purchase was valued at close to 416 ETH (415.9 ETH). The acquisition gives hope to those developing blockchain collectible games. Additionally, it signifies that virtual properties are being held in respect and investors are ready. However, with such a substantial investment on a virtual item, the owner may be seeking the warmth of having an expensive cryptocurrency collectible rather than to make profits out of it.

There’s another side of to the investment; it may see other notable racing games turn to develop cryptocurrency collectible games on Ethereum or any other blockchain of their choice. Additionally, what if such a high interest in blockchain products and or services spread out of the gaming industry?

For instance, video streaming sites would use blockchain to manage memberships, which would allow the membership to be transferred once its owner is not currently interested. Consequently, this would see more blockchain-focused systems being built around the theme to cater to emerging consumer needs. Probably, this would shape how the next generation will interact with digital content.

Bitcoin used to buy stocks, Ethereum losing to EOS and TRON

Apart from virtual properties, other real-world assets like real estate are being tokenized. Abra, on the other hand, is looking to enable investing in stocks by using Bitcoin as collateral.

Unfortunately, the growth of decentralized applications (Dapps) on Ethereum has recently declined with EOS and TRON taking up the top spot. Although Ethereum still has a large Dapp user base, EOS and Tron are coming up fast surpassing Ethereum on transaction volume.

For example, in March this year:

“There were 57,939 new addresses interacting with smart contracts on EOS Dapps[…] representing a growth of 48% week over week. TRON Dapps resumed its growing momentum on user acquisition, acquiring 32,114 new addresses, which marked a 10% growth. The number of new users on ETH Dapps had a 20% decrement, and its weekly active users also went down by 11%.”