Enjin has revealed its latest update to its mobile hot wallet, with the company now certified and fully compliant in China. 

The Samsung partnered company has now opened it’s industry-leading mobile wallet to the massive Chinese market and Enjin are certainly pleased with their latest news.

 In a wide-ranging update announced on April 13th, Enjin also guaranteed numerous additions to the user face of the app and features. 

With a focus on user experience, Enjin added the ability to send and “melt” up to 100 distinct non-fungible and fungible Ethereum-based ERC-1155 blockchain tokens in one transaction. 

The decision has left many customers rejoicing as it saves them the painstaking task of sending tokens individually. This new function can also save users cash, with Enjin claiming it can cut gas fees by 90%. 

In terms of the “melting” aspect, this refers to burning unused or unwanted collections of ERC-1155 blockchain assets in exchange for Enjin tokens. Previously, these multiple token transfers feature was only available to developers, but now the common man can also access it. 

Another feature previously withheld just for developers was the ERC-1155 smart contracts. These are also available through the Enjin wallet app and opens the ability for innovation. 

Enjin adds Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Support

One addition to the upgrade which was made specifically with users in mind was the Ethereum Name Service support. 

This domain has looked to negate the issues with blockchain addresses, which are often long and difficult to input or remember. Long addresses like, 0x67DCf9536F0fEa888bbe3Ed87e2B9FAEdBF6b876 are perfect examples of the confusing combinations given which are so difficult to input. 

ENS has found the solution through its readable address system, which allows users from Enjin to input their own special address. The customer can register and create their own simple names which will be used to send or receive crypto. 

Example of ENS address domain (Source: Enjin.com)

Alongside an improvement in user functions, security has also been beefed out in the latest update. Fingerprint and facial recognition sign-in have also been added to the app, making the already secure wallet even safer. To enable this, make sure to go to the “Security Mode.” section.

Overall, it would seem that this is a historic update for Enjin. The based brand has continued to make strides and with the China move, it would appear they are looking to expand even further in the future. 


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